4 Days in Barcelona - Perfect Barcelona Itinerary for First Time visitors

Local 4 day Itinerary Barcelona

Barcelona is one of those cities that you have to visit in your lifetime, the city is filled with things to do and see, places to eat and places to stay at, alongside that, the city is filled with attractions that bring enormous historical and cultural value not only to Catalonia and Spain but Europe.

This 4-day itinerary will help you in creating your own perfect itinerary for your trip to Barcelona, Spain! Here you will some of the best and budget spots to eat from, attractions to see with prices and where are they located.

Let us dive into 4 days in Barcelona – Perfect Barcelona Itinerary

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Day 1:

La Sagrada Família

Outside of La Sagrada Familia Barcelona

Everybody knows about Colosseum, so in most travel guides and itineraries this is the first place to visit.

You can not visit Barcelona and not see La Sagrada Família, the most famous Gaudi building created and his biggest legacy to date. This structure is not yet completed even doe it started all the way back in 1886, but they are expecting it to be completed by 2026, so we just need to wait 6 more years.

You can easily tour the complex, but be careful since there is a lot of people, also when I visited Barcelona I took this tour, which was amazing.

Park Güell

People at Park Guell in Barcelona

Unesco-listed Park Güell is where you can see architect Antoni Gaudí’s workings transfer to gardens. Next to La Sagrada, this is one of the most popular attractions, therefore due to a large number of people visiting access to the central area is limited to a certain number of people every half-hour, so be sure to purchase your tickets online.

Opening hours of the park are:

  • 8.00 to 21.30 May to Aug
  • 8.00 to 20.30 Apr, Sep, and Oct
  • 8.00 to 18.30 Nov to mid-Feb
  • 8.00 to 19.00 mid-Feb to March

Bodega La Puntual - Lunch/Dinner

Rarely a restaurant of this magnitude can maintain its identity, but Bodega La Puntual has been doing it for the longest time, offering great food and even better service, you can have dishes such as sauteed wild mushrooms, flour-dusted fried squid, grilled sausages, and traditional tortilla.

Food plate in Bodega la Puntual Barcelona
Bodega La Puntual Photo © Bodega La Puntual
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Price Range: $$

Day 2:

The Egg Lab - Breakfast

Looking to eat some Eggs Benedict? The Egg Lab is a perfect breakfast spot in Barcelona for you! They have some of the best Eggs benedict in the whole of Barcelona, their egg sandwich is to die for and the pancakes are mind-blowing.

They recently opened another location in Sarriá-Sant Gervasi, so you can visit them at two locations!

The Egg Lab in Barcelona
The Egg Lab Photo © The Egg Lab
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Price Range: $

Casa Batlló/Mila

Casa Batllo is one of the three houses on the block between Carrer del Consell de Cent and Carrer d’Aragó, and all three were renovated from 1898 to 1906. These houses are some of the most interesting and best works of Gaudi and Barcelona’s attractions that you can see.
Casa Batllo in Barcelona
Outside view of Casa Mila in Barcelona, Spain

If you wish to go inside the Casa Batllo opening hours are from 9.00 to 21.00, last admission is 20.00, and the prices range from 28.50 Euros to up.

Next to Casa Batllo, you can see Casa Mila, the last private residence of Gaudi himself, this house has been under UNESCO protection since 1984, and once visited you will easily see why.

The architecture and art inside are amazing and are a must-visit in my opinion.

Flax & Kale - Lunch

You will find multiple Flax and Kale locations scattered around Barcelona, but the one in Passage is by far the best one. Offering amazing dishes such as their most famous wood-fired vegan pizzas to bao stuffed with jackfruit “pulled pork” and house-made spicy chai kombucha, Flax and Kale have something for anybody.

Pizza at Kale and Flax in Barcelona
Flax & Kale Photo © Flax & Kale
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Price Range: $$

Shop at Las Ramblas

Columbus monument in Barcelona

Who doesn’t like shopping, buying souvenirs, and looking around for what to buy next? Las Ramblas is the shopping street, here you can buy your souvenirs, or just shop till you drop. Remember that you can have some great meals here also after a long day of walking around the shops.

Attend Tablao Cordobes Flamenco show

Flamenco Dancers in Barcelona

Tablao Cordobes Flamenco’s show is one of the most popular but not talked about enough things to do in Barcelona. Flamenco had an enormous impact not only on Catalonia but the whole of Spain.

At the Flamenco show, you can have a great meal and look at it from the front rows, and how the dance has stayed almost the same for the past forty years, alongside a first-hand look at Catalonian culture.

Fismuler - Luxury dinning

Fismuler is founded by three friends sharing the came culinary vision. The food has Spanish roots, but also a taste from north and west, with Provençal pate and burrata with black truffle.

Dishes to try are ortiguillas (sea anemone) omelet and delicate semi-cured dorada (gilt head bream) with grapes and almonds.

Food in Fismuler Barcelona
Fismuler Photo © Fismuler
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Price Range: $$$$

Day 3:

Cloudstreet Bakery – Breakfast

Fresh and fluffy cinnamon buns and toffee almond tarts are staples of this small bakery. Flour, water, sourdough, and salt are the only ingredients being mostly used when creating their products, alongside the main principles being quality and ingredients that are being used.

Pastry in Cloudstreet Bakery Barcelona
Cloudstreet Bakery Photo © Cloudstreet Bakery
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Price Range: $

Walking and biking tours in Barcelona

Mostly because Barcelona is such a walkable city, there are several walking and even biking tours in Barcelona that you can attend and learn a little bit more not only about Barcelona but Catalonia as a whole than you would by exploring by yourself.

Jai-Ca - Quick Snack

A cheap and tasty place where you can have a quick lunch of tapas and vermouth. Keep in mind that both locations of Jai-Ca are usually full, but you can maybe catch a seat if you wait a couple of minutes or are lucky.

Bar Jai Ca in Barcelona
Jai-Ca Photo © Jai-Ca
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Price Range: $


Entrance to Montjuic in Barcelona

Montjuïc is a hill that overlooks the main street in Barcelona. Beneath the Montjuïc, you can see the magical Fountain of Montjuïc alongside with Museum of national art of Catalonia.

Magical Fountain of Montjuïc is the most romantic place in whole Barcelona, and a place where a lot of proposals are made, so be sure to practice your clapping skills when visiting fountains at night.

Chill at the beach and drink some cocktails

Looking at the sea at beach in Barcelona

Go and relax on some of Barcelona’s famous beaches with a cocktail in your hands and legs up in the air. It is really nice to walk on the beach when the sunset is going down and grabbing a cocktail at a beach bar.

Day 4:

Brunch & Cake - Breakfast

Brunch & Cake has an amazing breakfast and brunch. Walk-in and take in the beautiful decorations, comfortable ambiance, and amazing smells of breakfast cooking.

Working with fresh, local, and sustainable ingredients, Brunch & Cake creates classic breakfast dishes with modern twists. Great food begins with quality materials paired with attention to detail, and this breakfast spot does not disappoint. There are 5 locations across Barcelona.

Brunch cake Barcelona
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Price Range: $$

Visit Camp Nou

Empty camp nou stadium in Barcelona

Everybody knows about FC Barcelona, one of the most famous football clubs in the world, and Camp Nou being their home, it is fairly simple to have a look at this amazing stadium.

Ciutadella Park

Ciutadella park in Barcelona

The Parc de la Ciutadella is one of the largest parks in Barcelona. For decades following its creation in the mid-19th century, this park was the city’s only green space.

The 70-acre grounds include the city zoo, the Palau del Parlament de Catalunya, a small lake, museums, and a large fountain designed by Josep Fontserè.

Hawker 45 - Lunch/Dinner

Just a few blocks from the Ciutadella Park, this Asian-fusion joint came on the scene in early 2017. The restaurant is amazing and some of the specialties are Hong Kong-inspired shrimp toast, healthy-yet-hearty vegan Thai green curry, and everyone’s favorite style of Filipino comfort food, adobo.

Ribs with fries in pan at Hawker 45 Barcelona
Hawker 45 Photo © Hawker 45
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Price Range: $$

Rocambolesc ice cream – Desert

When an ice cream has a Michellin star on it, you know it is amazing. Ice-creams are not only delicious but can be found in all sizes and shapes such as Jordi’s famous oversized nose, or if you are a huge fan of the iPhone there is an iPhone made of yogurt, licorice, and lime.

Rocambolesc Barcelona
Rocambolesc Photo © Rocambolesc
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Price Range: $

Summary of Barcelona Itinerary:

Attractions in Barcelona:

  • La Sagrada Família
  • Park Güell
  • Casa Batlló/Mila
  • Shop at Las Ramblas
  • Walking and biking tours in Barcelona
  • Montjuïc

Eating in Barcelona:

  • Bodega La Puntual – Lunch/Dinner
  • The Egg Lab – Breakfast
  • Flax & Kale – Lunch
  • Fismuler – Luxury dinning
  • Cloudstreet Bakery – Breakfast
  • Rocambolesc ice cream – Desert
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Ultimate 4 day itinerary Barcelona
4 Day itinerary Barcelona

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