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Austria is full of outdoor and urban destinations. For all tips, tricks, and advice on where to go to Austria, check out Austria Travel Guide.

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Austria travel guide

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Know before you go to Austria

Filled with a history that stretches all the way back to Habsburgs and the rule of Maria Theresa, Austria offers an amazing glimpse in the Europan history like no other country.

When visiting Austria you need to plan where you will go, since it is filled with mountains and rivers in which you can easily get lost due to their beauty and relaxing feel. If you are strolling by in a car throughout the great outdoor of Austria you will always get an itch just to hop on a bike and ride till you drop, or jump on a kayak and ride the river until the end.

Night view of Vienna state opera

Besides the great outdoor, Austria is filled with elegance and great architecture that mesmerizes you at first glance. Buildings such as the Imperial Palace of Vienna, Stephansdom or MuseumsQuartier will bring all the elegance and luxury that Austria has collected through its rich history.

Best time to visit Austria?

Austria is great all year round to visit, but everything depends on what you are going there. If you are going skiing then the winter season is for you, if you are going to be visiting the great outdoors then I recommend that you go in the Spring or Autumn to get the best of it.

Regarding the urban cities such as Graz, Vienna, Linz, and Klagenfurt you can easily visit them in any season since they are beautiful and full of the line all year round, and you can easily visit all the main attractions.

Falling leaves on street at Fall in Graz
People walking at winter at Naschmarket in Vienna

What to expect in Austria

Language in Austria

German/France are the two main languages in Austria. You will hear a lot of other languages such as Serbian, Croatian and English also and you will easily communicate no matter what.

Currency used in Austria

Austria is the part of the European Union, therefore the main currency is Euro.

People walking at night at Stephansplatz in Vienna

Credit Cards and ATMs

Austria is very advanced and usually, you will find the most advanced technology in Austria first than in any other Europan country, therefore ATM-s aren’t hard to find and you can easily pay anywhere with a credit card.

But keep in mind that it also depends where you are going to Austria because if you are going outdoors I would recommend that you bring a little bit more cash than you would if visiting the urban city.

Is Austria safe?

Austria is one of the safest countries in all of Europe, you will see a decent amount of military and police walking around and making sure that there are no issues starting.

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