Best countries for Adventure Traveling

Best countries for adventure traveling

Adventure can come in many forms, that being said some places just stand out when it comes to adventure. Discover all of the best countries to have an adrenaline rush, from snorkeling to exploring jungles, this list features everything.

New Zealand

New Zealand is known to have some of the best adventures that the world can offer. Besides the adventure the country is beautiful.

Adventures to try: Caving in Waitomo, rafting rivers on the North Island, bungee jumping in Queensland.

Mountain New Zealand


A paradise for outdoor explorers, South America’s largest country Brazil has some of the most adventurous things to do. Discover the world’s largest waterfall system (Iguazú), the biggest wetlands (Pantanal), and that thing called the Amazon, which comprises both the mighty river and rainforest.

Rio de Janeiro Aerial view

Adventures to try: Boating under the Iguazú Falls, riding dune buggies in Natal, snorkeling in Fernando de Noronha.


Nepal is home to Everest Base Camp. The trek to Everest Base Camp – a breathtaking 14-day out-and-back into Sagarmatha NP to the foot of the world’s highest mountain – is a classic.

Mount everest nepal

But while the teahouse hospitality and Himalaya views en route are magnificent, most people are not allowed to stay at Everest Base Camp – it requires specific permission. Most hikers visit their 5,340m goal for a ‘been there’ photo, then descend to nearby Gorak Shep to sleep.


Snow-topped mountain peaks, Turquoise lakes, Wild tundra, treeless plains, and sprawling ice fields, this is Argentina. If you’re an adventurer looking for a country with an endless landscape, Argentina may be your best bet. The South American nation is also great for family travel.

Argentina Ice and mountain

Adventures to try: Fly-fishing in Patagonia, riding horses on estancias, learning to ski on Francis Mallmann’s private island.


With more than 30,000 miles of spectacular coastline, Australia is filled with adventure opportunities — most notably in the Outback and a place called the Great Barrier Reef.

Bonus: Given that its population-to-land ratio is so low (Australia is one of the least crowded countries in the world), you’ll even feel like you have huge stretches of it to yourself.

Coral reef Australia

Adventures to try: Scuba diving off Lady Elliot Island, hiking through Tasmania’s Bay of Fires, swimming under waterfalls in The Kimberley.


Antarctica is a land of grand voyages. The chance to venture where so few others have visited is perhaps the very reason it tops so many wish lists. To visit Antartica, embark on a cruise into the Weddell Sea to the east. The crashing icebergs, vast ice floes, and often unpredictable conditions will show you what real adventure looks like.

Ice mountain in Antarctica


Destination for gap year travelers and backpackers, Thailand’s combination of metros, street food culture, and historical sites is attracting travelers of all ages. Whether you stay close to the cities or island-hop to a cluster of jungle-covered islands off the coast, Thailand is as pretty as it is packed with opportunities for adventure at every turn.

Front of boat in a sea in Thailand

Adventures to try: Ziplining through 1,500-year-old rain forests, sea kayaking in Tarutao National Marine Park, caving in Pang Mapha.

Trans-Siberian Railway

To take the slow route across Siberia. If you were that desperate to get between Moscow and Beijing, you could fly it in under eight hours.

Trans Siberian Railway

But no, this ride is a six-night, 7,621km train that is slow travel at its most atmospheric, an unhurried spooling of endless birch trees, Lake Baikal shimmer, grassy steppe, Gobi Desert, yurt camps, camel herds, and station-traders selling sweets and sausages.

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