Best Food and Restaurants in New York City

Best food and restaurants in New York City

It’s the simplest and most difficult question to answer whether it’s coming from a New Yorker or an out-of-town visitor: “Which restaurant should I check out in NYC?”

The type of cuisine, price, outdoor dining options, the neighborhood, and occasion are just a few factors to consider. Luckily, there are countless options in the five boroughs. This list of venues features some of the best food and restaurants to eat at in New York.

Daily Provisions serves the best donut in New York City. If for some reason, you need more incentive to check out this all-day cafe near Union Square, they also serve BECs and lunch sandwiches that may ruin all other BECs and lunch sandwiches for you moving forward.

Food in daily provision in NYC
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In a city filled with bakeries, it is an impressive feat to find one in particular that many New Yorkers find themselves daydreaming about. What sets Mel apart from its competitors is its emphasis on quality.

Pastry in a bakery in New York City

The bakery, led by Nora Allen, offers a selection of bread loaves , such as its stunning marbled purple sweet potato country loaf. The bakery has several pastries always on offer that range from cinnamon rolls with candied citrus, pistachio-filled croissants, or rye chocolate chip cookies.

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Henry Street in Carroll Gardens Brooklyn is home to Italian families who have lived here for generations, the stroller set that moved in more recently, and Lucali, one of the city’s best pizzerias.

New york city style pizza

Dining here takes patience and planning. Every afternoon a line forms outside of Lucali for “the list.” The team’s website explains it simply and best: “Show up before 5. Put your name on the list. Go have a drink. We’ll call you when your table is ready.” It might be an hour, it might be three: Lucali is worth surrendering an evening for.

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Today The Four Horsemen are always-packed bar and the dining room is one of the best spots in town for good reason: It’s a place where diners can sip on a glass of fun pet-nat and find Michelin-worthy plates.

Food in Four Horseman in NYC
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It’s rare for a wine bar to hit a home run with both its drink and food menus, but this Williamsburg favorite strikes the right balance by creating a place where wine lovers, a see-and-be-seen fashion crowd, Francophiles, and restaurant enthusiasts can all sit elbow-to-elbow.

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Looking to drink wine and share some small plates? You can’t do better than Wildair, which feels like a casual modern Parisian wine bar, only it’s located on the Lower East Side.

Colorful donuts

The food is excellent – if your ears perk up at the suggestion of eating a crispy potato with uni or beef tartare with smoked cheddar cheese, you’re going to love Wildair.

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Seafood, pasta, and farro salad are the main draws at this buzzy, energetic spot that comes with a Milano café vibe. Wellfleet oysters with tomato or apple vinaigrettes tend to be fresh and high-end and might come with a tomato water mignonette.

Food in Charlie bird NYC
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Take some time with the wine list: It’s rather famous and quite satisfying, with lots of half bottles for those on a budget.

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One of restaurateur Ravi DeRossi’s most talked about ventures to date, Shenarri Freeman leads the kitchen with a vegan menu that puts her own twist on Black southern cooking.

Vegetarian soup with bread

Freeman has impressed diners with her Southern-fried lasagna, a crab cake made of hearts of palm, and a not-to-miss maple cornbread. The Virginia native is offering creative, comforting flavors that are helping define a new era of vegan dining in New York.

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