Best gifts and gift ideas for Travelers and Travel lovers

Best valentine gifts for travelers, find the perfect gift

Finding that perfect gift can be hard, especially for people who love to travel, but in some way, it really does not need to be that complicated. Here I have broken down all of the gifts and gift ideas for travelers.

To make it easier and budget-friendly I have narrowed it down to categories so you can more easily find that perfect gift.

Side note, if you are shopping last minute, be sure to try Amazon Prime, and get that 2-day free shipping!

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Regular Travel Loving Things

Scratch off map

You remember as a kid, when you collected cards, dolls or anything else, well this is something similar. Scratch off maps are amazing, and honestly who doesn’t like coming home after a long trip to scratch off another country or city of your map!

Mug with map and Quotes

Mugs with maps and travel quotes to keep your travel dream alive every morning while drinking coffee!

Travel journal

Travel journals are a must if you are traveling, you can keep all of your itinerary nice and clean and you can easily cross over attractions once visited.

Compression socks

Ideal for traveling on long flights, or hiking, they will keep you warm, cozy, and the best part they will stop the swelling.

Travel backpack

Every traveler needs a quality backpack, given the amount of stuff that you are carrying for your trip you may need one or even two backpacks.

I personally use Osprey backpacks for short to medium trips, but for long flights, I use Fjallraven because I have carry on luggage.

External battery

External battery

You do not want to get lost on your trip without power on your phone, that is why having a good and quality External battery that can charge almost any device (phone, GoPro, or any other) is very useful to have.

Must have travel stuff

Here you will find all of the necessary travel things that one traveler needs when traveling around the world, personally I use all of them, so any travel lover will love any of this things as a gift.

Travel wallet

If you are traveling internationally, everything needs to be in one place you do not lose it. Travel wallets are made so you can fit passport, cards, and money in them without any problem.

Fun fact: I left my wallet on the check-in stand in Singapore and I was almost at the entrance to the airplane when I realized that my wallet is missing, amazingly the surveillance in Singapore is amazing so they quickly brought me the wallet with everything inside.

Travel adapter

Traveling to Europe, Asia or even America, I highly suggest that you buy a travel adapter. In most situations, they are very affordable and they will make every traveler happy.

Travel Pillow

Travel Pillows are lifesavers, if you or the person you are buying a gift for does not have a travel pillow, buy one, now! Travel pillows have saved me when I’m traveling on long flights from Singapore to Berlin or from Frankfurt to New York.

Luggage tags

Carry on or check-in, Luggage tags are preferable to have, you will have an easier time spotting your luggage when it comes to the terminal or if it is inside the airplane and you are flighting to bring your luggage down. Also the amazing part of travel tags, you can easily customize them however you like.

Reusable water bottle

Any traveler knows that reusable water bottles are a must. They will save you money and time in the airports, while hiking, or even traveling to remote places.

Carry on luggage

Are you trying to find carry-on luggage? There are several options, a personal favorite is Samsonite because their carry-on luggage is sturdy and nicely made.

They have survived Marrakech, Bali, Malaysia, Singapore, and a number of other Asian and European countries.

Photography and video

Gorilla pod

This camera accessory will let the traveler you are buying this for taking amazing pictures anywhere. It will help keep the arm steady when walking or if a person wants to take a picture together these pods can do it all.

GoPro Stick

GoPro Sticks are one of the best investments that anybody can make, similar to the camera, they are compact and easy to travel with, but the best part is they are very easy to use.

Any traveler looking to take amazing pictures or videos will love this as a gift.

PhotLens for phone

Hate carrying around bags or equipment, and then once you get to the destinations you forget where you put your camera, lens, and other stuff? PhotoLens for phones are the way to go, they will change the lens to be wide-angle and more.

Peak Design Camera clip

Peak Desing Camera clip allows you to wear your camera on your belt, backpack strap, or anywhere else that you can clip it on so that your hands are free to do other tasks.

This is a perfect gift for any photography lover that loves to travel around the world.



Sony Headphones

Noise-canceling headphones will get any traveler that you are buying this fall in love with you when they try them. There are multiple options if you like over-ear or in-ear.

My personal preference is in-ear and I use Sony WF-1000XM3 and they are amazing. The best over-ear headphones are Sony WH-1000XM series 3 or 4, but there are other options such as AirPods or Bose.

Gimble for phone

Similar to Gorilla Pod but a lot better are Gimbles, they are able with a push of a button rotate, increase the height or lower the height of your phone while keeping it steady.

They are an amazing traveler’s gift if you have a photography or electronics lover that loves to take videos or photos.


Have you scrolled down your Instagram, Facebook lately and saw all of those amazing aerial shoots? Travelers love drones because with them they can create amazing cinematic videos or photos that are out of this world, and bringing that as a gift is a homerun.

GoPro 8 or 9

Everybody has a GoPro, so why not you gift one also? They all have them because they are compact, practical, and take high-quality pictures and amazing 4K videos. It is a perfect compact action camera for any situation.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is one of the best investments that you can make, and it will make an even better gift. Kindle is Lightweight, can store thousands of books and it lasts a long time, also new versions are waterproof.

This is the end! I hope the travel lover that you buy any of these gifts will appreciate it and love it. I know that all of these gifts are great choices, and I have gifted a lot of them to my friends and family!
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Hello! I’m Sara, a Croatian native. I’ve traveled all over the world and have knocked out some amazing cities and countries off my bucket list.

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