Best International Snacks that you can Buy Today!

Best international snacks to try Today

Traveling around the world exploring different cultures and learning about them is amazing, but the best part of traveling is trying the cuisine that each country has, how unique it is and how every country has its own version of the food.

That being said, we all love snacks, we also want to try some of the best and most popular snacks all over the world, that is why this list features some of the best Internal snacks that you can order online to try for yourself at home.

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Tokyo Banana - Japan

Tokyo Banana

One of the most popular souvenir sweets in Japan, this sweet snack is delicious. It is a sponge cake with cream filling, mostly flavored with actual banana puree.

NongShim Shrimp Crackers - Asia

Nongshim Shrimp crackers

Shrimp crackers are amazingly popular in the whole of Asia, they are light, crispy, and have the right touch of salt and umami. Be sure to grab this only if you like shrimp because if you do not like shrimp the taste is going to be a little too intensive.

Havanna Alfajores - Argentina

Havanna Alfojores Box

Havanna Alfajores are the most popular snacks in Argentina, especially combined with coffee. This snack is a huge cookie sandwich filled with dulce de leche and dipped in chocolate or meringue.

There are thousands of versions of Alfajores, but Havana is the most popular and the best one.

Flourless Almond Cake with Lemon - France

Flourless almond cake with Lemon

Looking for a gluten-free snack? This cake is made for you, made only from four natural ingredients—almonds, eggs, butter, and lemon extract.

This snack has been produced by one family since 1833, so you know they are doing something right.

Lokum - Turkey

Lokum with coffee in Turkey

A colorful sugary cube, this Turkish delight is a perfect complement to coffee and can be used as a sweetener if you do not want sugar. You can find Lokum all over the Balkans, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, but the original Lokum comes from Turkey.

Ouma rusks - South Africa

Ouma Rusks with coffee

Double-baked biscuits from South Africa are a perfect morning or afternoon complement to coffee. The story is about a woman who came to the South African town of Molteno and came up with the receipt and started selling them at the local church bazaar. As you can see, they were a hit.

Mochi - Asia

Pink Mochi japan

If you ever travel to Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, or any Asian country in general, Mochi are by far the most popular snack. There are millions of options, from ice cream mochi to hot, to cream filling, but the original one is with red bean paste and it comes from Japan.

Bikaji Gulab Jamun - Nepal

Bikaji Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun is a delicious milk dumpling, which is then spiced and soaked in rose syrup known as Gulab. They are usually made as a house dessert, but you can buy them online also. Their origin is from Nepal where they are known as Lal Mohan.

Tunnock’s Teacake - Scotland

Tunnocks Teacake

Produced at and by the Tunnock family bakery since 1890, their Teacakes are amazing. Comprised of a small digestive cookie topped with meringue and encased in milk or dark chocolate, the company makes around 3 million cakes per week.

Stroopwafels - Netherlands

Stroopwafels Netherlands

Stroopwafels are thin layers of waffle dough with a syrup filling in the middle. They originate from the Dutch town of Gouda. You should try them with a cup of tea or coffee.

Migros Appenzeller Biberli - Switzerland

Migros appenzeller Biberli

Migros Appenzeller Biberli is a gingerbread cookie with almond filling. The cookie itself was once only baked for special occasions, but today you can find them in almost all supermarkets around Switzerland and online as well.

Nongshim Sumi Chips - Korea

Nongshim Sumi Chips

This snack is fairly new to the market, in August 2014 it hit the shelves in Korea and instantly became popular. These honey-mustard-flavored wavy potato chips became so popular they sold around 3.6 million bags in the first month only.

You can grab the snack locally in supermarkets all over Korea, but online as well.

7-Eleven Onigiri - Japan

7 Eleven Onigiri in japan shop

Onigiri is a 7-Eleven Japanese specialty, these rice balls stuffed with various fillings and wrapped in seaweed are a staple of Japan and they are always fresh, which makes them even better.

There are several flavors but some of them are turnip wasabi, grilled beef kalbi, chicken karaage (fried chicken), and the favorite: salmon.

Kashmiri Mix - India

Kashmiri Mix

A spicy blend of split mung beans, potato sticks, noodles, and cashews is the most addicting Indian snack out there. The best part of the snack is that it has been a part of Indian diets for thousands of years, as they are packed with protein, fiber, and antioxidants.

Lebkuchen - Germany

Lebkuchen Germany

Lebkuchen is a traditional Christmas season snack, but today you can find them all over Europe, they are ginger cookies covered with chocolate. You can find them in stores all over Europe, and online as well.

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Best International Snacks

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