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Best Places for Your Next Girls Trip

Best Girls Trips to take around the world

Wanting to take girls’ trip? Whether you’re taking a week-long vacation or want ideas for a getaway weekend, these are the best places to go in the world.

Tulum, Mexico

Mexico is always a fun destination for a girls’ trip, especially Tulum. If you’re going with a small or large group, Tulum is perfect. It’s also ideal because it can cater to the people in your group who want to spend their days doing yoga, eating healthy, and relaxing on the beach, and also those that would prefer to stay up all night dancing in the jungle.

Art festival mascot in Tulum mexico

The Yacht Week

Looking to sail on a private yacht for a week through the islands of Greece or along the coast of Croatia? The Yacht Week is the trip of a lifetime that you have to experience with your friends at least once.

Yacht on water

Yacht Week is like one big party on the water. You’ll spend a week soaking up the sun, meeting new people from around the world, and docking to explore your new destination.

Tokyo, Japan

Japan is one of the safest destinations out there which makes it one of the best girls’ trip destinations. In addition to that Japan is an overall incredible destination and experience — some of the best food in the world and beautiful natural parks are located in the center of the town.

Puerto Rico

Beautiful beaches and turquoise water, an adorable and totally walkable downtown area, fun foodie experiences, and a chance to experience a new culture, Puerto Rico has it all. One of the best things is that Puerto Rico uses USD and you don’t need a passport to travel there like other destinations in the Caribbean. Find a cheap flight and head down to Puerto Rico for a last-minute weekend getaway.

People walking on a castle wall in Puerto Rico

Portugal Road Trip

Portugal is one of the most laidback and happiest countries you can visit in Europe and has some of the most stunning coastlines in Europe. Portugal is a place to eat and drink well, walk the cobblestone streets ’til your feet feel like they’re going to fall off, and make friends with the locals.

Castle in Lisbon, Portugal

I’d recommend either planning one of two itineraries: Lisbon and south to the Algarve region for a more beach-centric adventure, or Lisbon and north to Sintra, Porto, and the Douro Valley for a mix of history, culture, and wine, but in general, you will have an amazing time!

Papagayo, Costa Rica

You’re on vacation, so why not get a little wild? In Costa Rica, you can zip-line, surf, and hang with monkeys in the jungle. At the end of the day, head back to the Andaz Papagayo, which is close to the airport and has amazing food plus a killer spa. Oh, and you can take a dip in the Culebra Bay when you need to come down from your adrenaline high.

Volcano with forest in Costa Rica

Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville attracts so many famous musicians that it’d take too long for us to list all of them. Thankfully, the Country Music Hall of Fame has that covered. If seeing Elvis’s gold piano isn’t enough to satisfy your country music passion, then catch a show at the iconic Grand Ole Opry.

Signs at night in Nashville

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is one of my favorite cities to visit ever. Known as the “city of baths” because it boasts several naturally heated thermal baths—including the impressive Széchenyi Thermal Baths, which has 15 indoor pools, 3 giant outdoor pools, and saunas. Despite that Budapest offers much more than baths, it has amazing food, and even better attractions.

Girl looking at Hungarian parliament in Budapest
People walking next to church at fishermans bastion in Budapest

Phuket, Thailand

Take a trip to this Thai island right now. Whether you’ve never gone scuba diving before or you are a pro, this city is known for its underwater views. You can even go swimming with leopard sharks at Shark Point. Or if relaxing on the beach is all that’s on your list, a stay at the Chanalai Garden Resort will fit the bill.

Front of boat in a sea in Thailand


Explore the Volcanoes National Park and surf your troubles away without even having to renew your passport, or stay at the Turtle Bay Resort and literally never leave your hotel.

Aerial view of island of Hawaii

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is known as the “fairy-tale city” and for good reason—walking through it feels like pure magic. Stroll up to the historic Prague Castle, or climb up to the lookout tower on Petrin hill for magnificent views of the city.

Tram passing by next to Prague National theater

Prague is also known to have some of the best beers in Europe, and the food is equally amazing, so you will have a blast either way.

Hanoi, Vietnam

Immerse yourself and your friends in contemporary and ancient history in Vietnam’s capital. Witness the Vietnam War prisoner of war museum, the Hoa Lo Prison, before exploring the Old Quarter for some of the sweetest and best street food in existence.

Railtrack in Hanoi, Vietnam
Amangiri ©

Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos may be famous for its rows of pristine white buildings, but it’s also famous for another important thing, being an amazing relaxing place where you can just chill and put your legs up in the air.

Mykonos restaurant next to ocean
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