10 Best and most popular street foods in Europe!

Best and most popular street food in Europe

Europe is a tourist mecca for a reason, and also has some of the best cuisine and food culture that you will ever see, from countries such as Italy, Spain, France, England, Croatia, and others, the list goes on.

That is why I created this list of the 10 Best and most popular street foods in Europe, so you can create your perfect food guide when traveling around Europe!

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Fritule - Croatia

Fritule are Croatian versions of sweet, round fritters. They are prepared with a basic yeasted dough that incorporates eggs, flour, milk, butter, and sugar. Different varieties often employ raisins, grated apples, yogurt, and baking powder.

Fritules covered with chocolate in front of Christmas tree

They are one of the tourist and local favorites when visiting Zagreb in Winter!

Burek - Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Burek is the most popular street food, and breakfast in the Balkan region (Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia). Burek is mostly only made with ground beef, but Burek can also appear with other fillings, such as: sirnica (cottage cheese), zeljanica (spinach), and krompiruša (potatoes).

Waffles - Belgium

Large golden-brown snacks that can be used as breakfast, desserts, or anything in between? Yes, waffles are some of the most popular street foods in the world, and the best ones originated from Belgium.

Belgium waffles street food

Belgium Waffles come in many different varieties but the best ones are Liege ones. Liege Waffles come with rounded edges, are thicker than your regular waffles, and in addition, contain little clumps of sugar.

Churros - Spain

Churros Spain street food

Churros are some of the smallest but best quick snack/desserts that you will try in Spain. Long strips of fried dough rolled in cinnamon sugar and then dipped in chocolate.

Churros are popular among tourists and locals and you can have them all over Spain.

Fish and Chips - England

Fish and Chips England Street food

Fish and Chips is the most popular English dish out there. This widely loved national dish consists of a freshly fried, hot, white fish fillet and large, sliced, and fried potatoes. The most popular fish that are used are Cod, haddock, and flounder.

Pizza al Taglio - Italy

Pizza in Rome

A variety of Italian pizza that is baked in a rectangular tray and sold sliced into squares or rectangles. Pizza al Taglio is one of the most popular street food in Italy, and can be sold per slice or per kilogram.

Espetos - Spain

Fish on a grill in Spain

Espetos are a Spanish version of grilled sardines, dating back to the 19th century. The modern method usually involves placing 6 sardines on a skewer, seasoning them with sea salt, and then grilling them on the open flame.

Trdelnik - Czech Republic

Eating trdelnik in Prague

Trdelnik is a hollow cylindrical pastry product made by winding the soft dough on a roller called ‘trdlo’. It is a popular street food snack that originated from the Czech Republic, but today can be found in Slovakia, Hungary, and other nearby countries.

Polser - Denmark

Polser Street food Denmark

Famous Denmark snack is often referred to as the rod polser, it is very similar to the traditional hot dog, but with a Denmark twist. Danish people love to eat freshly prepared polser followed by a cold bottle of beer.

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Ten most popular and best street food in Europe
Ten best food to eat in Europe

Hello! I’m Sara, a Croatian native. I’ve traveled all over the world and have knocked out some amazing cities and countries off my bucket list.

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