Best things to do in France - France Bucket list

Bucket list to visiting France

France is a unique and historic country filled with things to do and see, from tourist mecca Paris to Champagne lands where you can have an amazing time. There is so much to do in France, that I had to shorten my list a couple of times because it would take you too long to read it.

France in general is known to have some of the best food and drinks in the world, so be sure to create your perfect itinerary of things to do with this Bucket list to France – Things to do in France!

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Visit Mont-Saint-Michel

This UNESCO World Heritage site is one of the most important and stunning monuments in France. Located on a rocky island in Normandy, it has been home to a monastery for more than thousand years.

Mont saint Michel

Mont Saint Michel can easily be visited during the day from nearby cities such as Paris, Cancale, or St. Malo. The gates open early around 9.30 am, so grab your ticket before the massive crowds come.

Explore the famous gardens of Versailles

Located right outside Paris, Versailles is known to be home to royals and displays some of the most beautiful architecture that you will ever see. Tourists can tour the beautifully decorated rooms and galleries full of artwork.

Outside of Versailles building

But the part of this tour is the gardens where you will stroll through manicured flowers, topiaries, and hedges dotted with exceptionally crafted fountains. Quick note, be sure to book in advance due to massive crowds.

Road trip into the Gorges du Verdon

People standing at entrance to Gorges du Verdon

The largest canyon in Europe, Gorges du Verdon is located in southern France, in the beautiful region of Provence. If you love to explore the great outdoors and have a little bit of an adrenaline rush, then this needs to be on your bucket list of things to do in France.

Visit French Disneyland, Paris

Located just outside of Paris, there is not one but two enchanting parks of Disneyland Paris. The iconic and the more popular one of the two, Disneyland Park is home to some of the most pretty Castles in the world, alongside classic rides that we all love.

Disneyland Park in Paris

There are also a number of food stands and restaurants that you can eat at, from Chef Remy’s at Disney studios to Captain’s Jacks from the Pirates of the Caribbean in Disneyland Park.

Hot Air Balloon Ride over the Valley of the Kings

Hot air balloon ride in France

Hot air balloon rides are some of the most interesting and fun things to do anywhere in the world, but they are truly magical in France, where you can fly over some of the most beautiful and well-known castles of the Loire Valley.

See a Show at Moulin Rouge

Who hasn’t heard of Moulin Rouge and their famous shows? Paris and France are full of bucket list things to do, but this place needs to be on the top 5 of your bucket list. This place is truly a spectacular event. Attention to detail and everything is amazing from performers dancing to stages being decorated!

Outside of Moulin Rouge

When it comes to tickets, they are usually sold out pretty quickly, but you can try to book one online if you can as soon as possible.

Perfume Making in France

Similar to Italy, France is known to have some of the best perfumes in the world, and Grasse is one of the best cities to explore this perfume culture first hand. The Fragonard Parfumerie is one of the oldest perfume factories in Grasse and France in general, it has been creating perfumes since 1782.

Selling Perfumes in a shop

You can explore the museum that is next door, and of course, you can buy some samples of perfumes to bring home!

Winter fun at the French Alps

French alps resorts covered in Snow

France is known to have some of the best ski resorts and ski places to visit in the World, and Les Arcs 1950 is one of the most unique villages that has taken ski tourism to another level.

Situated at 1950m above sea level the village has plenty of snow and it is perfect for skiing from early December to the end of April, filled with bars, restaurants, and shops it has everything you need to have an amazing time!

Lavender Fields in Provence

Lavander filed France

Provence is filled with things to do and explore, but this is something you will see anywhere you go in the Provence Region. Lavender fields are a unique thing to Provence and this amazing show takes place from the middle of June to the middle of August.

The National Park Calanques of Marseille

The National Park Calanques of Marseille is located in southern France, the place offers beautiful landscapes, rich outdoor activities, and much more. The national park has a coastal range of creeks, a huge marine area of the Mediterranean Sea, and one of the riches submarine canyons in the world.

Boat at sea at National Park Calaques

There are also several hiking trails that you can take which have an amazing view of the whole park.

Relax at the French Riviera

One of the most beautiful parts of France, the French Riviera is a place where you go to relax on a beach. Nice is the capital city of the Riviera and a great play to stay is visiting this amazing part of France.

Boat at French riviera

Some other places that you visit are Antibes, the hilltop villages, Cannes, Menton, or Saint Tropez, which are all amazing in their own right.

Lyon Food Tour

Spoon with gravy over food

Lyon is known as the gastronomic capital of France, mainly because this is one of the rarest and probably the only city in the world that has more restaurants per head.

Lyon has almost all of the dishes that French cuisine has to offer, so dive in and have a great time in Lyon.

Champagne tasting in Epernay

Champagne tasting France

Similar to wine in Italy, France is the mecca for champagne lovers, especially Epernay, which is located in the region of Grand Est. Epernay is the capital of Champagne and a place where all of the most famous and important champagne manufacturers create their bubbly drinks.

Get to the top of the Eiffel Tower

Everybody knows about Eiffel Tower, an iconic and beloved landmark in Paris, France! Eiffel tower is always crowded around and in it, so be sure to come early if you want to explore it and grab some amazing pictures!

View of eiffel tower from river

The best part of the Tower is that you can get on top and have a view of Paris, and everything it has to offer.

Visit the Louvre Museum

The Louver is the most famous art museum in the world, and probably the most visited attraction in France next to Eiffel Tower! Louver is filled with priceless art from painting, to statues and jewelry, there is almost everything there.

Louvre museum at night in Paris

The best part of the Louvre is the gorgeous glass pyramid which it is mostly known for, next to it is a park where a lot of people gather and have fun.

Discover the palace of popes in Avignon

Avignon in the 14th century was home to six Catholic Popes. Standing above the city, there is a Palace of the Popes, a beautiful and massive 14th-century building where Popes lived and celebrated religion.

Palace next to river at Avignon in France

Now listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, this palace is the world’s largest civil construction built in Gothic style.

Dive into The Gouffre de Padirac

Cave full of water

This is a huge cave in the Lot department in Occitanie. The Gouffre de Padirac has an entrance to a natural cavity 53 meters wide and 103 meters deep.

Once you get to the bottom, there is a boat trip along the river to explore one of the most interesting geological sites in France.

Festival of Lights in Lyon

Light show France

Once you finish your food tour in Lyon, you can visit the Festival of Light there also, it is one of the most famous winter festivals in France.

The Fête des Lumières is usually on the first weekend of December, so be sure to book your tickets in advance if you wish to visit this spectacle.

Boat ride alongside River Seine

The Seine is one of those bucket list things to do that people do not talk about, but it is amazing once you do it. In general Seine river has been one of the few constant presences throughout the history of Paris, offering drama, romance, and strategic importance in equal measure.

Bridge at River Seine in Paris, France

Cruising on one of the world’s most famous waterways is a must-do, and will give you the chance to see many of the city’s other top landmarks from a unique vantage point.

Visit a fairytale castle - Château de Chambord

One of France’s most recognizable châteaux and landmarks, Château de Chambord is a must-visit if you are creating a Franche itinerary.

Person standing next to massive palace in France

The largest of the Loire Valley châteaux, it remains a mystery who actually designed it. What is known is that construction began around 1519 and that the building was originally intended as a hunting lodge for King Francis I.

Visit Auvergne

Volcanoes in Auvergne

Auvergne is a massive land, filled with 450 volcanoes spread in Chaîne des Puys, Monts Dore, Artense, Cézallier, and Monts du Cantal.

This part of France is a paradise for hikers, with long and short trails that have all kinds of levels and a great landscape to look at while hiking.

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Bucket list things to do in France
Twenty bucket list things to do France

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