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Bucket list things to do in Italy

Italy is a diverse country filled with things to do and see, from Roman empire history to fashion capital of the world – Milan, and natural wonders such as Pompeii ruins, Lake Maggiore, and more. The north of Italy is filled with amazing cities to visit and explore, Venice, Florence are both romantic getaways heavens and Rome and Milan are tourists meccas waiting to be explored, while the south of the country is filled with beaches and spots to relax, or if you wish spots to dive and hike.

Italy has also some of the best food and drinks in the world, with Tuscany being a well-known wine county where all of the tourists go to taste some amazing wine and eat some amazing snacks, so be sure to create your perfect itinerary of things to do with this Italy Bucket list!

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Things to do in Italy

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Cinque Terre

A UNESCO World Heritage site and national park in one, located right on the beach where you can relax and have a great time, Cinque Terre is a perfect place for exploring, relaxing, and having a great time.

Houses on a cliff at Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is made up of five distinct villages, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, Riomaggiore, and Monterosso with each having its own charm and culture.

Tour Colosseum

Rome colosseum in a paint format

Colosseum is the most famous and well know attraction in all of Italy, if you ever heard of Italy or Rome, you have heard about the Colosseum, a magnificent amphitheater that had a capacity for over 50,000 people.

Today you can tour the Colosseum and marvel at it from the inside and out, but be careful because there is always a crowd looking to explore it.

Tour Venice on a Gondola

People riding Gondola in Venice

Venice is one of the most romantic cities in the world, and exploring this romantic city with a Gondola is amazing.

The Grand Canal is almost the most famous waterway in the world, with thousands of boats and gondolas traveling up and down there.

Boat and dive into Blue Grotto

Boat at Blue Grotto entrance

A sea cave on the island of Capri, Blue Grotto is only accessible by a small boat, this magical place was used as a swimming hole and temple dedicated to sea nymphs, but today it is a famous attraction that needs to be visited when in Italy.

The sea cave is amazing, but the only issue is that it can be closed due to bad weather or rough seas. It is open year round, so you have great chances of exploring it anytime.

Wine tasting in Tuscany

Italy is one of the most famous and oldest producers of wine in the world, with Tuscany having some of the best vineyards in Italy.

Vineyards in Tuscany with city in background

To taste wine in Italy, you have to make a reservation, mostly because the tasting is so popular that crowds of people can gather, and just want to taste wine. Also in Italian wine tasting, you get a full experience, with light snacks, bread, cheese, meat, and everything in between.

I have been to numerous wine tasting around the world, and the Italian ones are far the best, so be sure to go on one when in Italy.

Vespa tour in Rome

Vespa in Italian colors

Vespas in Italy are a tradition, and almost every Italian has at least one Vespa under their name. Exploring Rome on a Vespa is a great way to get around this massive city in no time and discover some major attractions, and where to go on foot if you want to explore more after.

I would also say, do not drive if you do not have experience driving a motorbike.

Explore Lake Maggiore

View of Lake Maggiore

Second largest lake in Italy, Lake Maggiore is full of things to do and see, from the blue lakes, snowcapped Alps, to cafes, villas, and gardens, Lake Maggiore has it all.

One of the best things to do is ride the Mottarone Cable Car, which offers a 360 view of the Alps, seven lakes which include Lake Maggiore, Lake Orta, Lake Mergozzo, Lake Varese, Lake Comabbio, Lake Monate and Lake Biandronno, and much more.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Tower of Pisa

Tower of Pisa needs to be on your Italy Bucket list, located at the Square of Miracles of Pisa, the tower is a perfect example of Pisan Romanesque architecture.

When visiting the Leaning Tower of Pisa, be sure to check out Baptistery and Cathedral which also have beautiful artwork and sculptures, and they are also slightly leaning. When visiting the Tower of Pisa be sure to grab a tour, there is always a crowd of people waiting to get in a take pictures.

Tour Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore

Church of Santa Maria Del Fiore in Florence

The Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore is the most interesting and well-known thing to explore in Florence, this romantic and artistic city has a lot to offer and needs to be on your Italy bucket list.

Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore is known for its rising orange dome that can be seen all over Florence.

Hike Mount Vesuvius

Sign at Mount Vesuvius

If you like outdoor and hiking then hiking up Mount Vesuvius is for you. This volcano got its fame since the disaster of Pompeii, but be careful since this volcano is this active.

The view from the top is amazing, where you will be able to see the whole of Naples, and much more.

Relax at San Vito lo Capo Beach

San Vito lo Capo beach in Sicily

Sandy beach, with clear blue water? San Vito lo Capo Beach is a place for you, the beach is located in the northwest part of Sicily.

It is an amazing place with a ton of restaurants and bars that you can eat, drink or have fun at.

Explore Duomo di Milan

Girl standing in front of Duomo di Milan

Duomo di Milan is the most famous attraction to visit in Milan, this extravagant Gothic cathedral construction started in 1386 with final touches being applied in the 1960s. You will see a huge amount of people looking at it and taking pictures near it since there is also a whole square in front of the Cathedral where people gather.

The best view is from the top of Duomo di Milan where you can see the whole city center of Milan. Keep in mind that there are a lot of tours that include Duomo di Milan entrance in their fees.

Shop at Fashion capital - Milan

Girl posing at Corso Como in Milan

Shopping at the Fashion capital of the world, say no more. Milan has everything that you may want and need in one place, discover Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II or Corso Como, both of them have all the stores you can imagine.

Juliet's Balcony

Juliet Balcony in Italy

Juliet’s Balcony is located in the heart of Verona, this place is famous because of Shakespeare’s beloved tragedy.

There are thousands of people going there wanting to see this place with their own eyes and to take photos. While visiting you can take a photo on the famous balcony, but only if you purchase the museum ticket.

Visit Saint Mark's Basilica

Venice has so many things to do and see, but Saint Mark’s Basilica is on top of that list. The Basilica is located on the famous Saint Mark’s Square which is almost always full of people taking pictures, painting, etc.

Saint Mark Basilica in Venice

The basilica is the final resting place of Saint Mark the Evangelist with it being a work of art in its own right where you will find glittering mosaics, gorgeous marble decorations all over the complex as well as touches of gold leaf.

Explore the Vatican

If you are ever in Italy, be sure to visit the Vatican. Attractions consist of The Vatican Museum and The Sistine Chapel.

St. Peter’s Square is probably the most famous square in all of the world. This is the place where the Pope addresses the people and where it gets really crowded at any time of the day.

People walking to Vatican City

St. Peter’s Basilica is the largest church in the world and a world-class example of Renaissance architecture. The entrance is free, but if you wish to skip the line you can pay extra or you can take a tour guide.

Castle Sant’Angelo is an enormous castle that was built as a mausoleum for Roman Emperor Hadrian but later it was reconstructed to be a fortress that protects the Pope. The castle is famous for its appearance in the James Bond movie Spectre.

See the ruins of Pompeii

Ruins of Pompeii

Pompeii is a must-visit and needs to be on your bucket list for Italy, this small city was buried under a pile of volcanic ashes for centuries before it was dug up and showed to the world.

Some of the landmarks in Pompeii feature rows and rows of houses and stores, amphitheaters, an arena, temples, its famous brothel, and more. The ruins can be visited with day trips from Rome, Naples or Sorrento.

Boat at the coast of Amalfi Coast in Positano

Amalfi coast with buildings and boats in background

Amalfi Coast is a tropical-looking landscape with a town in the middle looking over the deep blue sea and beach. Here you will find some of the best hotels, restaurants, and fashion shops in the world.

Positano’s nature is amazing, a town surrounded by mountains and sea offers amazing outdoor experiences from boating to hiking.

Dive into the Sunken city of Baia

A resort city for centuries in ancient Rome, this was a place where rich and famous of Rome gathered, now this city is underwater and can only be seen by diving.

In 1500, the water level slowly rose due to the same volcanic vents that were once a draw to the area, and most of the ancient ruins were drowned under the shallow waters of the bay.

Discover Parco degli Acquedotti

Aquaduct in Italy

Located just outside the city of Rome, the park features two enormous ancient aqueducts. This place generally isn’t that visited by tourists, but I would highly recommend visiting it because it showcases how the Roman Culture has evolved over the centuries.

Explore and relax at Spiaggia Rosa (Pink Beach)

Pink Beach in Italy

Spiaggia Rosa is one of few places in the world to have pink sand, as a result, it offers a unique and paradise-like experience when visiting.

The amazing pink color comes from a concoction of crushed fossils, crystals, coral, and dead marine creatures, which blend together to tint the sand with a rosy blush.

During the summer days, visitors are allowed to take day trips to the island as long as they stay off Spiaggia Rosa, they can look, but not touch, the beautiful sand.

Relax at Gaiola Island

Rocky islands at Gaiola Island

One of the most famous quarters of Naples, Gaiola Islands is a pair of small islands that turn out to be just one, with the two huge rocks connected by very a thin stone arch.

To get to the island you can boat out to get closer, or scuba dive and snorkel at the nearby Gaiola Underwater Park, a marine protected area.

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