Best things to do in Spain - Spain Bucket list

Bucket List to Visiting Spain

With over 50 provinces, Spain is as diverse as you can imagine, which makes it a perfect tourist country to explore and put on your bucket list. The north is filled with green fields, the south, and east with long stretches of sandy and rocky coastline, and don’t forget all the Pyrenees have to offer.

Besides eating and drinking some of the best food and wine in the world, explore some of the best architecture and attractions in Barcelona, Seville, Madrid, and Valencia, but make sure to create your perfect bucket list with this list of Best Things to do in Spain!

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Things to do in Spain

Table of Contents

Visit Barcelona and Gaudi

If you know anything about Spain, then you know that you need to visit Barcelona, this tourist mecca needs to be on everybody’s bucket list when traveling not only to Europe but the world.

Entrance to Montjuic in Barcelona

Barcelona is full of interesting things to do and see, from the amazing architecture of Gaudi (Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, etc) to Chocolate museums and bunkers. If you are looking to create a perfect itinerary to Barcelona, check out Barcelona Travel Guide!

Explore Ronda

Building on a cliff standing next to a bridge in Spain

A small and unknown city in Spain, this is truly a unique city not only in Spain but in the world. Located right atop the two cliff faces of El Tajo canyon, this city is split in two and connected only by three bridges the Roman Bridge (also called Puente Viejo), the Arab Bridge (also called Puente San Miguel), and the New Bridge (Puente Nuevo).

In addition to all of the above, this city has the oldest bullfighting ring in the whole of Spain.

Day trip to Montserrat

Monserrat, a beautiful monastery located on top of a mountain, this place is located just a short trip from Barcelona. You can visit this place via cable car or train.

Building connected to mountain in Spain

My personal recommendation is a cable car, but you will have to wait a little bit since there are always lines of people waiting. With over a thousand years of history, it is a can’t miss to anyone visiting Catalunya. The Sanctuary of the Virgin Mary dates back to 888 and it first became a cultural center over 200 years ago.

Walk along Caminito del Rey in Málaga

Wooden planks on Cliff

Looking to have a little bit of an action and adrenaline rush? Try walking along the Caminito del Rey (King’s Pathway). This path is almost 8 kilometers (5 miles) long and about a third of that is dizzying wooden-plank walkways hanging about 100 meters above the river, built – with great skill – into the rocky walls of the gorge.

La Rioja Wine Tour

Vineyard with house in distance

Spain has some of the best wines out there, and of the most popular and well-known regions is La Rioja. This region produces some of the best bottles on the market, explore wineries like Ysios (in Laguardia), Marqués de Riscal (in Elciego).

But there are also wine tours that are a great way of exploring this amazing region in a fast and unique way.

Try some of the best Churros

Churros with chocolate and strawberries

Spain is known to have some of the best Churros in the world. When traveling around Spain, you will regularly see people dip their churros in hot chocolate, but some of the best churros in Spain are located right in Barcelona, so explore Where to eat in Barcelona for more!

Whale and Dolphin watching in Tenerife

Dolphins swimming in ocean

Tenerife, in general, is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and whale and dolphin watching is one of the most popular and fun activities that you can do there. This activity is great and provides some of the best memories.

There are several tours and boat trips from Los Cristianos or Los Gigantes.

Explore Amazing Alhambra in Granada

If you are somewhere near Granada, then visiting Alhambra is a must. This palace and fortress of the Moorish kings is something to admire.

Outside view of Alhambra building in Spain

In general, Alhambra is a place where you will admire the view and soak in that nature, and take amazing pictures, some of the best spots to do so are Mirador de San Nicolás, Mirador de Los Carvajales in Placeta Carvajales, and to eat or drink go to El Huerto de Juan Ranas.

Discover Spanish Cuisine

Spain has some of the best cuisines in the world, from amazing desserts to main dishes this country is not to be overlooked when talking about food.

Bar Jai Ca in Barcelona

Due to its large history and cultures, if you are eating something in Barcelona, if you eat the same thing in Valencia it may taste totally different and the names won’t even be the same, so explore everything and eat anything.

Visit Cathedral beach in Galacia

Cliff next to a Beach

Praia das Catedrais, or Cathedral Beach is one of the most popular natural wonders in Spain, located in Galacia. This massive beach is a maze of rocks, arches, and caves that needs to be visited in Northern Spain.

But, due to its popularity, reservations online are required during summer and holidays but are currently free.

Explore Barcelona with Food tours

Barcelona has some of the best food in Spain, and when visiting you will easily see why, from Churros to luxury food spots and more, Barcelona has everything.

The Egg Lab in Barcelona

If you are looking to explore Barcelona as a foodie, be sure to grab a food tour, mostly because Barcelona is huge and there are many things to eat and drink.

Go surfing in the Canary Islands

Surfing board on a sand beach

Surfing is one of the most popular things to do in the Canary Islands, and while visiting you will easily see why. Amazing beaches, waves, and great ocean water make it a perfect surfing spot.

You can learn and surf there as much as you want, so be sure to try.

Safari Tour in the Doñana dunes in Huelva

Donana National park is one of the largest and most impressive parks in Spain. Spreading to over 110,000 Hectares, it is so large it spreads into the provinces of Seville and Cádiz.

Boats on a beach with islands in distance

The park features lakes, pine forests, streams, dunes, cliffs, and beaches. To explore this amazing park there are four-hour tours of the park in a 4×4 with a driver who’s also your guide, and there are a number of other activities such as horse riding, kayaking, hot-air ballooning, mountain biking, kite surfing, and more.

Try Mallorca's best ensaimada

Pastry with salt

You are at Mallorca, and looking to eat some of the best ensaimada? I got you covered, head to El Fornet de la Soca.

This place is amazing and it offers some of the best ensaimada with high quality, organic flours and lard from black pork (sorry, vegans).

Wine tasting at a volcanic vineyard

Volcanic ground in Spain

Wine tasting in Lanzarote is quite unique, mostly because this area is located in a volcanic area that creates green vines shoot up from the magmatic soil, each protected from the harsh trade winds with its own small wall known as a zoco.

The largest and best vineyards are on islands La Geria and El Grifo.

Madrid Food Tours

Eggs with salad and coffee

Madrid, similar to Barcelona is a huge city waiting to be explored, but the best way to explore this dynamic city is by food tours. This way you will not only learn about the history of Madrid, but you will also try some of the best food in Spain.

Explore Church of Sant Miquel del Fai

Church standing at the edge of a cliff

Located on the cliffside in Cataluña, this monastery overlooks a plunging vista complete with a waterfall that runs straight through the architecture.

This monastery is carved out of solid rock on the face of a cliff, which makes this place truly unique and one of its kind.

Take a picture at The Pink Lake of Torrevieja

Pink lake in Spain? Yes, this lake is located on a northwestern edge of a small seaside city on Spain’s Costa Blanca.

Aerial view of pink lake in Spain

This place is not only popular with tourists due to its pink color, but with flamingos as well that are feasting upon the algae-filled shrimp that live there giving their feathers a rosy tint that almost matches the water.

Discover Seville

Seville is one of the most underrated cities in Europe, this city offers a perfect weekend getaway if you are located in Spain. A vibrant city with amazing weather, great attractions and tasty food is a great city to relax and explore.

View of building and river under bridge in Seville

The city also has a number of famous attractions such as the Real Alcazar, which is the largest royal palace still in use, Plaza de Espana, and the cathedral that is under UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is the largest Gothic cathedral in the world.

Boating along the Rías Baixas in Galicia

Rocky beach with sunset in background

Galicia is one of those places where you just go to relax and soak up the sun, that is why after you’ve tried the local obligatory ‘polbo á feira’ octopus dish with a good albariño white wine, the next thing on your list is to take a cruise along the Rías Baixas and discover the Islas Atlánticas National Park.

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