Where to go for a weekend in the US? Best Weekend Getaways in the U.S

Weekend Getaways in the USA

As places around the U.S start to open for travelers, and as people are exploring and discovering where they can get away from their busy lives just for a weekend, I decided to create the Best weekend getaways in the U.S.

Here you will find places that are just a short drive from some of the major cities in the U.S such as Dallas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Chicago, and Miami. Discover what to do, where to stay, and what to eat while you are there.

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Getaways places in the USA

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Miami Beach, Florida

Miami Beach Florida

A weekend getaway trip to Miami is all about relaxing and soaking up some sun and eating great food. Spend your day eating Cuban sandwiches or taking pictures at Instagram spot Wynwood Walls.

Once the sun is down you can go out to Miami Beach for unforgettable nightlife.

Sedona, Arizona

Rock and mountain view at Sedona in Arizona

Hikers will love Sedona as their Weekend getaways, because most of the hikes are free and amazing, choose from Cathedral Rock, Fay Canyon, and Devil’s Bridge trails.

Hotels are a little bit more expensive, but you can find some great ones in off-peak months.

Paso Robles, California

Paso Robles California

Looking for a wine spot in California? Paso Robles is the least crowded one of the three major spots (Napa and Sonoma). Just a couple of years ago there were only around twenty wineries there, but today you can find over 300, many of which offer tasting rooms; Pinot Noirs, Zinfandels among others.

Stowe, Vermont

House and fields in Stowe, Vermont

Hiker’s paradise located in Vermont is a perfect weekend getaway to relax and have fun. At Stowe, you’ll find ziplining and performing arts events, but if you are visiting in colder months you can ski and snowboard.

Olympic National Park, Washington

Person looking at a map in car of Olympic national park Washington

Olympic National Park is a great weekend visit if you wish to reconnect with nature, explore more than 70 miles of coastline, hike, or just stare at the stars, there are a number of things that you can do in Olympic National Park.

While there, be sure to visit the famous Hoh Rain Forest, Lake Crescent, and Rialto Beach.

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Lake Geneva in Wisconsin

A 90-minute drive north from Chicago, Lake Geneva is the answer to the Hamptons and Newport, this resort town is a perfect getaway from the busy life for a weekend.

Beach offers public access for more than 20 miles, but if you wish to visit in colder months, there is Winterfest in January and February that is a charming, less-trafficked option.

Boulder, Colorado

People walking on hiking trails at Boulder, Colorado

North of Denver, an outdoor paradise lives and trails are waiting to be walked on. Catch one of the best trails in the one-mile First Flatiron trail, which goes through Boulder’s iconic sandstone slab rock formations.

Afternoon tea and a couple of brews with amazing food is what makes Boulder a great weekend getaway.

Portland, Oregon

Known to be the Brooklyn of the West, due to its profusion of microbrews and macro-beards, Portland is a great city to relax and have some great food.

Portland Oregon

First stop – Ned Ludd, a staple of Portland, here you will find everything on the menu (local, rabbits, cookies, and more) all made on a wood fire. But if you wish to hike and reconnect with nature, Portland offers a hike through the rainforest to feel the spray of the 627-foot waterfall at Multnomah Falls.

Palm Springs, California

Car driving on a road at Palm springs in California

Desert oasis located in California attracts a giant crowd from L.A. Spend some time wandering around the Uptown Design District, where some of the most iconic boutiques, restaurants, and bars are.

Zion National Park, Utah

Relaxing in one of the most popular and well-known National Parks in America is a perfect way to have a weekend getaway. From hiking to exploring the natural beauties of Zion National park, people will find everything here.

Mountain view at Zion national park

Currently, Glamping in Zion National park is very popular, you can have a great view of the whole national park immediately as you wake up. Prices range from $199 to $299 based on the tent.

St. Simons Island, Georgia

Beach at St Simons island, Georgia

Largest of the four Golden Isles, St. Simons combines man-made appeal with natural beauty in a unique way. From championship golf courses, charming old-world shops to marshlands and rivers, St. Simons Island offer a perfect couple weekend getaway.

Davis, Oklahoma

Featuring the tallest waterfall in Oklahoma, The Turner falls, Davis is just a two-hour drive from Dallas, Texas. Waterfall offers a huge swimming hole that where you can cool off after a day in the sun.

Waterfalls at Davis, Oklahoma

Camping or renting a cabin is a popular way of staying in Davis, or try spelunking in the caves or exploring Collings Castle.

Middle Keys, Florida

Sand beach at Middle keys in Florida

Spearfishing, or relaxing in the wild Bahia Honda State Park, where there are sandy beaches, Middle key is a great combination of relaxing and recreation.

Historic Adderley house offers a glimpse into life for the Bahamian laborers who built the overseas highway here at the turn of the 20th century. The trip usually takes around three hours from Miami, but every minute is worth it.

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