Bosnia and Herzegovina Travel Guide

A country where rivers run swift and sheep huddle on steep hillsides, Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of Europe’s most visually stunning corners. Crawling back from its war-torn history just like Croatia, Bosnia is becoming one of the most interesting countries for travelers to visit. Explore everything in Bosnia and Herzegovina Travel Guide!

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Bosnia and Herzegovina travel guide

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Know before you go Bosnia

Since I’m from Croatia, I can confirm that the war is over in Bosnia and Herzegovina and has been for more than 20 years, it is just that the country needed to recover and start to market itself for tourists to see how beautiful it is.

Note: Check if you need a visa to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatians are not required to have visas to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Girl standing in front of well at Gazi Husrev Begs mosque

While visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina you will find a real warmth among people and a community that sticks for one another and will always be together, its beautiful mountains, numerous medieval castle ruins, raftable rivers, impressive waterfalls, and bargain-value skiing.

Cities that are mostly visited are Sarajevo (capital city) and Mostar where you will find most of the main attractions when it comes to this country.

For a detailed guide to Sarajevo check the Sarajevo travel guide and for Mostar check the Mostar travel guide!

Best time to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Similar to Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina is a very visitable country in any part of the year.


Because of all the mountains and green pastors you will see beautiful flowers and a lot of people hiking there in the springtime.


Everything depends on where you are going, but in most situations, there is an average temperature of around 25-30 C in the summer. Sarajevo and Mostar are usually very crowded at this time of year because people are visiting Croatia and cities such as Dubrovnik and Split, so they just cross the border by car for a 3-hour drive and they are in Sarajevo or Mostar.

Girl drinking coffee in Mostar
Girl sitting on Latin bridge in Sarajevo


This is my favorite time to travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina, there are not a lot of people there anymore from the tourist side so it isn’t crowded and the weather is perfect, around 15 C. The only issue that you may encounter is the rain, but you can easily do other things in Sarajevo or Mostar to counter that.


As I said before, Bosnia is becoming a budget ski destination for most people in the Balkan area. Alongside with cheap prices and great food, you can easily visit the main cities if you are going skiing to Bosnia.

Girl posing at Sebilj in Sarajevo

What to expect in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Language in Bosnia

Bosnian is a language very similar to Croatian, with a couple of different words and pronunciations. Also, most of the people talk English and German, so you won’t have a hard time to communicate with people.

Currency in Bosnia

The currency is called Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark. 10 Convertible marks equal around 5 Euros.

Credit Cards and ATM-s

In most of the major cities such as Sarajevo and Mostar you can easily find ATM-s and in most places such as grocery stores and shopping malls you can pay by card. But I highly recommend that you do not rely too much on paying with a credit card since a lot of restaurants do not accept them.

Is Bosnia and Herzegovina safe?

Bosnia is safe as much as Croatia, so you can easily travel there if you are a female solo traveler or if you are a couple.

People walking in Sacred hearth cathedral in Sarajevo
Stairs leading to Old bridge in Mostar

Getting around Bosnia and Herzegovina:

It all depends if you are in Croatia and wish to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina and a couple of near cities such as Mostar, Sarajevo, and Banja Luka.

In either situation I would recommend that you rent a car and just travel around Bosnia and enjoy the countryside and all the amazing cities that you can easily visit.

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