Cheapest Countries in the World

Cheapest countries to visit next year

Traveling on a budget can be hard, but for most people, it is normal to have a budget, therefore I have decided to make a small list to help all of you and me on where to travel in 2022.

All of the mention travel destinations are amazing in their own way, and most of them are cheap not because they are boring, but because travelers have not yet fully discovered their true potential, and what some of those destinations can offer. So let us not hold up anymore and dive into the Cheapest countries to visit this year.

Countries to visit and put on your bucket list

Cheap places in Asia
Vietnam, Thailand, Nepal, Indonesia, Cambodia

Cheap places in Europe
Turkey, Croatia, Georgia, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Cheap places in Africa
Morocco, Egypt

Cheap places in America
Colombia, Mexico, Bolivia, Guatemala

1. Vietnam

Among the cheapest countries in Asia, Vietnam is highly underrated and starting to get a lot of attention.

Places that are famous among tourists such as Ha Long Bay are impressive, and are a must-visit, but if you are on a budget and wish to experience a true Vietnam, be sure to go a little bit off the track. Province such as Ha Giang has some amazing sighs, from landscapes at Tam Coc to the small tourist town of Phong Nha, which is home to the world’s largest cave.

Boats at Bai Sao in Vietnam

What are the prices and costs in Vietnam? As in most of Asia, eating locally is the way to go, and you will spend a maximum of a few dollars per meal. Hotel rooms are also cheap; 10 dollars will get you a long way in Vietnam.

Mid-range budget: 35-45$ a day

2. Nepal

Country located below the Himalayas, Nepal is mostly undiscovered when it comes to mass tourism, but when it comes to trekking and nature, this is one of the most interesting destinations that you can visit in Asia. Nepal is also one of the world’s cheapest places in general.

Aerial view of temple in Pokhara

If you love trekking, there are a number of routes going throughout the Himalayas that are great, they have a lot of small houses where you can eat and sleep. The prices are extremely cheap and you will spend around 20 a day.

Mid-range budget: 30-40$ a day

3. Croatia

My home country, Croatia. Croatia is a country that is extremely cheap when it comes to inland cities such as Zagreb, Varaždin, and whole Slavonija in general, but when it comes to shore cities such as Opatija, Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar, and others the prices can go up, especially in summer months (May-late August).

Dalmatian island in Croatia

Still, in comparison to countries such as Spain, Greece, Italy, and France, Croatia is still by far the cheapest one, and in my opinion, offers more for your money.

Mid-range budget: 40-50$ a day

4. Morocco

Just a short way from Europe, if you wish to visit one of the African countries just to dip your toes I highly suggest Morocco, not only because it is close to Europe and very easy to get to, but it is also quite cheap to travel.

Girl standing in Marrakech old streets

Morocco has some of the cheapest hotels (riads) that you can find, alongside with food that is cheap if you are not going to the main spots in the cities such as Fes and Marrakech. If you wish to go to Sahara you will pay a little bit more, but there are some pretty cheap tour that I went on and proved to be great.

Mid-range budget: 35-45$ a day

5. Bolivia

If you are more of a luxury traveler that wishes to go to mid-range hotels and eat in mid-range restaurants, then Bolivia is maybe not for you. Bolivia is made for outdoor people wanting to explore nature and its amazing sights, and Bolivia has more than plenty to offer.

Lake in Bolivia

Lake Titicaca and the salt flats of Salar de Uyuni are just some of the main natural wonders that you can see in Bolivia, but the best part is that you can easily go spending 20 a day, making it the winner of cheap travel destinations in America by far.

Mid-range budget: 20-30$ a day

6. Colombia

A must-see travel destination if you are visiting South America, Colombia is a destination that offers something for everybody. You have both Pacific and Atlantic oceans from either side, the Amazon rainforest below, or if you like trekking you can go to the Andes mountains.

Colorful houses in Colombia

Besides all of those amazing things, there are two must-visit cities Medellin and Bogota, that offer the most authentic and warm feel of Colombia that you have ever experienced. Do not forget that in Colombia they are using the Colombian peso so changing money will be a must when visiting.

Mid-range budget: 45-55$ a day

7. Thailand

Being such a popular tourist destination in recent years, you would think the prices in Thailand would rise, but no, Thailand still remains to be one of the cheapest countries to visit in the world and for some the most interesting one.

Front of boat in a sea in Thailand

Beaches and shore sides are more expensive when it comes to tourism, but if you are on a budget just go inland and travel to shore if you wish to visit attractions.

Digital nomad heaven Chiang Mai region is travel heaven, from cheap dorm beds to comfortable hotels with swimming pools, there is something for everybody.

Mid-range budget: 40-50$ a day

8. Turkey

Air Balloons in Cappadocia

A connection city between Asia and Europe, Turkey is a cultural pot. The country is extremely cheap if you are visiting cities around Istanbul, and even Istanbul when it comes to comparing with other major cities is cheap, from hotels to food. You will find a lot of attractions that you wish to visit in Turkey that are cheap and easy to visit.

Mid-range budget: 40-55$ a day

9. Egypt

Standing in front of a civilization that has been around for over 5,000 years is rare, but that is what Egypt offers, and it offers that for an affordable price. Despite the unrest in Egypt as a whole, people are nice to tourists and are always willing to help if needed.

People in front of pyramids in Egypt

Of course, places such as Cairo, River Nile, The Valley of the Kings and etc. have a higher price point, but they are all pretty cheap when comparing them to some other destinations. Also if you are on a strict budget, you can have a great meal for 8 and you can book an amazing mid-range hotel for around 30 per day. Transporation is quite cheap with a taxi or Uber, but be sure to carry some cash for attractions and museums.

Mid-range budget: 40-50$ a day

10. Indonesia

Temple near water in Bali

Indonesia is probably the most well-known country and most people associate Indonesia with Bali. There is much more to Indonesia, mostly because Indonesia is huge and has some of the most beautiful nature and beaches that you will ever see. There are a number of cheap islands that you can visit such as Lombok, Java, Sumatra, or West Nusa Tenggara.

Mid-range budget: 30-40$ a day

11. Cambodia

Entrance to Angkor Wat in Cambodia

Visiting Cambodia will give you a true view of Asia, from ancient temples to a vast complex of the ancient Khmer empire, Colombia is a country located right between Thailand and Vietnam, so if you are visiting any of those countries be sure to stop by Cambodia.

Mid-range budget: 20-30$ a day

12. Georgia

By far one of the cheapest but most interesting travel destinations to visit in Europe, Georgia is on the cusp of being discovered as a must-see travel destination.

House on top of mountain next to white mountain in Georgia

Houses that still stand from the Soviet-era with wooden walls and crumbling facades, Georgia offers an authentic feel when visiting, and therefore it makes it interesting. Cities such as Tbilisi are amazing with great attractions that you can see, also the Black Sea is right next to Georgia so you can take a dip there also.

Mid-range budget: 25-35$ a day

13. Bosnia and Herzegovina

A massive country located in the middle of the Balkans, Bosnia and Herzegovina is a true gem not yet discovered by the majority of travelers. Its nature offers one-of-a-kind trekking, and its winters offer great and cheap skiing seasons. Bosnia is the cheapest country among its three neighbors Croatia, Serbia, and Montenegro.

Girl standing in front of well at Gazi Husrev Begs mosque

Bosnia not only has amazing nature, but the food is some of the best that I have ever tried, alongside being cheap, and the people are even better, warm-hearted that are always willing to help if you are lost and don’t know where to go.

Mid-range budget: 30-40$ a day

14. Mexico

When you are visiting Mexico, it all depends for what reasons, if you wish to go there for parties you will compare it to beach cities such as Miami, Hawaii, LA, and others; but if you wish to experience the true Mexico, you will have to dive inland and explore.

Mayan statue and temple in Mexico

Mexico will be one of the most attractive destinations to visit in 2021, not only because it is close for Americans, but also because it is cheap for European travelers to go to Cancun (280 Euro return card) and then starting their exploration from there to the rest of Mexico.

Mid-range budget: 50-60$ a day

15. Guatemala

You will hear a lot of people saying that the best destinations to visit in Central America are Cuba, Costa Rica, and the Bahamas, but those are all prime tourist destinations that have a little bit of a higher price. Then comes Guatemala with its amazing landscapes, jungle Mayan temples, Lake of Atitalana, and volcanoes that you can visit for days.

People in boats in lake next to tree mountain in Guatemala

Guatemala is a gem of Central America that is pretty cheap to visit in comparison to some others. In Guatemala, you can easily travel and spend from 25 a day if budgeting to 50 if going mid-range, so there is a lot of wiggle room if you are in the middle of those two.

Mid-range budget: 45-55$ a day

Please keep in mind that all of these travel destinations are only suggestions, and to many of them I have traveled and experience them myself, but at the end of the day it all depends on what you like and how you like to travel.

Budgeting is based on per person per day, and do not include flight or travel insurance (which I highly recommend that you take).

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Cheap countries to visit in 2022
Cheapest countries to visit in the world

Hello! I’m Sara, a Croatian native. I’ve traveled all over the world and have knocked out some amazing cities and countries off my bucket list.

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