Zagreb Food Guide: Where and what to eat in Zagreb?

Where to eat when Visiting Zagreb

Croatia, in general, is known for its delicious food, and some amazing restaurants, especially in Zagreb, so let us dive into where and what to eat in Zagreb?


If you are not in a hotel with breakfast or are just bored with the same old regular food, this place will blow your mind. It has amazing fresh juice, amazing shakes, and an amazing breakfast you can find anything for everybody. Prices range from 20 kunas (3 USD) to 86 kunas (12.5 USD).

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Red smoothie in two glasses

Locate next to one of the most icon places HNK (Croatian national Theater) it has an amazing breakfast with a stunning and relaxing view. Just keep in mind that it is usually crowded and there is a decent amount of people there at all times of the day. Prices range from 13 kunas (2 USD) to 93 kunas (13.5 USD).

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Bakery Dubravica or Bakery Mlinar

You can not go wrong with these two Bakeries if you are just looking for a quick walk in snack and leave these two are perfect for you. It is cheap from around 5 kunas (1.5 USD) to around 20 kunas (3 USD). Also, these two Bakeries are located all over Zagreb so you can find them anywhere if you get hungry.

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Location: All around Zagreb

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Lunch or Dinner

If you love burgers and meat then this is the place for you. Slowly cooked BBQ smoked meat that melts in the mouth is amazing. It depends on what you want to eat but the prices mostly range from 45 kunas (7 USD) to more.

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Burger with fries at Lambiczoon Burger

One of my favorite restaurants to visit when I am in the city center. It is located about a 5-minute walk from the Trg Bana Josipa Jelačića and it is open most of the time. It has everything from pizzas to Croatian national dishes if you want to try them.

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The pricing range is from 22 USD to more for two people so it is decently cheap for what it offers and the location that it is in.

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Amazing restaurant with authentic Zagreb feel. If you want to see and feel the original Zagreb feel and authentic Zagreb food this restaurant has everything. The average meal price is 15 USD so it is a little bit more expensive than average prices in Zagreb, but it is well worth.

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Grilled Meat in pan

For all of you pizza lovers this is the place to go. There are about 20+ types of pizzas that you can choose from, so there is probably something for everyone. It is also close to the Main Square (around an 8-minute walk) so you won’t starve if you are very hungry.

Eating pizza in Rome

The pricing range is from 50 kunas (around 7 USD) for Margherita to more. That is a little bit more expensive than the other restaurants in Zagreb but it is still decently cheap for the service and the food that is offered.

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If you are looking for a little bit something more luxury then these two restaurants are for you:

Noel is a recently opened restaurant that is located in the center of Zagreb. If you are looking for something a little bit more luxurious to surprise your better half or just want to eat something different this is where you want to be. The Menus change from week to week, also keep in mind that it would be great to reserve a table before you go.

Person decorating a plate in Noel restaurant
Noel Photo © Noel
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One of the most premium restaurants in Zagreb with connections to Micheline star rating this is the place that you want to visit if you want your palette to feel something different. 

Yes it is decently expensive for Zagreb standards and it is one of the most expensive restaurants in Zagreb, but I can say that it is completely worth it. From amazing service, wine and food there is everything on point in this amazing restaurant.

Stake at Dubravkin put
Dubravkin Put Photo © Dubravkin Put
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Quick bites stand

Submarine Burgers are located in several locations around Zagreb, but there are also two of them in the city center so you can visit any of the two. It has a great number of options from bagels to what meat do you want in your burger.

Three burgers at Submarine
Submarine Photo © Submarine

Also based on the quality of meat (which is great) and the service, this is a relatively cheap place to eat for Zagreb standards. Prices are around 10 USD for a burger and fries.

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Good Food is one of those fast-food stands that always has people eating there and you know it is good. You can eat everything from burgers to salads to there is a lot of options if you are not in the mood for a burger or regular sandwich. Prices are around 7 Euros.

Burgers at Good Food Restaurant
Good Food Photo © Good Food
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An absolute winner of the deserts is Vincek, you will always see people there buying everything from Icecream to Kremšnite. Everything you try is a win and you can’t go wrong with anything. So enjoy and you are welcome.

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If you are looking for some cake slices, there you can find it. One of the most beautiful looking interiors in Zagreb, where you can take some amazing photos or just enjoy the look of it.

Cake and coffee at Amelie
Amelie Photo © Amelie
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Located at the main part of Tkalčićeva ulica this little bar has amazing brownies, cookies, and ice cream. If you are there in spring or summer it is a must-go.

Cake at cookie factory
Cookie Factory Photo © Cookie Factory
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This is the place for your sweet souvenirs to bring home. Kraš is the most famous sweets maker in Croatia and makes sure to grab something. Recommendations: Bajadera, Domaćice, Napolitanke, and Kiki Bomboni.

Kras Croatian candy and souvenirs
Kras Photo © Kras
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Where to eat in Zagreb? - Discover all restaurants and bars in Zagreb
Foodie Guide Zagreb - Where and what to eat?

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