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Looking to find what to do in Vienna for 4 days? You found the right place, here you will learn all about what you should visit in your 4 days in Vienna and all tips and tricks about Vienna and Austria.

Vienna is a romantic city with a lot of history and has been at the crossroads of many different cultures from Ancient Rome to Vienna as we know it now.

I have visited Vienna on multiple occasions, mostly because Zagreb (where I live) is about a 4-hour drive from Vienna. I personally think that 3-4 days in Vienna are more than enough to explore everything and learn about this great city. Let us not stall anymore and learn what you can do in this 4-day Itinerary to Vienna.

What to do on Day 1 in Vienna?

Walking tour

Walking tours are a great way to start your trip in any destination, but it is perfect for Vienna. Here you learn about its history, cultures and explore some of the most visited attractions that we will cover later on. There is a number of tours that you go on.

Imperial Palace of Vienna (The Hofburg)

Imperial place of Vienna is one of the most visited attractions there, it is a huge complex consisting of museums, horse riding, treasuries, and much more. Because it is so big you can easily spend almost a whole day there.

People walking at park at back of Belvedere palace in Vienna
People on white horses in fields

In the Imperial treasury, you will find tons of artifacts, crowns, and details about rich Austrian history. Entrance to the Imperial Palace is not free, so be sure to carry cash or credit cards when visiting.

Opening hours: Every day (9.00 – 17.30) from September to June, and 9.00 – 18.00 from July to August.

Prices: The fee is 14 Euro for adults and 8.20 Euro for kids.

What to do on Day 2 in Vienna?


You may know that breakfast is one of the most important meals in a day, and that is especially true when you are traveling. One of the best spots to have a great breakfast but is also a tourist attraction is Naschmarkt, a huge open-air food market that has everything, from bakery products to hot dogs and more.

Opening hours: Monday-Friday (9.00 – 19.30), Saturday (9.00-17.00)

Kärtner Strasse

Take a stroll on Kärtner Strasse. This is one of the most famous and well-known streets in Vienna, mostly because all of the shopping is done there, and for you, it is a great tourist attraction because it is a street that leads to bigger attractions that we will cover down below.

People walking at night at Stephansplatz in Vienna

St. Stephen’s Cathedral

At the end of Kartner Strasse, you will see a big cathedral that has people lining up to enter. This is St. Stephen’s Cathedral, and it is one of the biggest Cathedrals in Vienna, besides that the entrance to it is free so you can take a look inside and admire how big and beautiful it is and take a couple of pictures when you are there.


As we have mentioned above, Kärtner Strasse is a street that leads directly to Museumsquartier. As you may see by the name Museumsquartier it is home to three different museums situated one next to another: The Leopold Museum for Art Noveau and Expressionism; Kunsthalle Wien; and the Museum of Modern Art. All of the named museums are great and if you love art this is where you will be heading.

Outside view of museum in Vienna at cloudy day

What to do on Day 3 In Vienna?

Schonbrunn Palace

Most of Vienna consists of big palaces that were built for royalties in the Habsburg era, and Schonbrunn Palace is no exception. There are over 1,400 rooms and you can easily get lost in it, but you will only be able to see around 40 rooms with an Imperial tour (costs 14.20 Euro and takes around 30 minutes).

Behind the palace, there is a huge back garden that is free. There you will mostly see locals hanging around talking, running or just relaxing, also it is full of flowers and very beautiful in the spring when I visited Vienna.

Belvedere Palace

Belvedere Palace is a palace that has two palaces inside it. One palace is an incredible art collection from artists such as Renoir, Monet, and Van Gogh. The other palace is a rotating exhibit hall. There are also free gardens featuring fountains, ponds, statues, and plants.

People walking at park at back of Belvedere palace in Vienna

Vienna State Opera

When you hear Vienna, you hear Opera, but they are mostly meant to be together. The opera house is beautiful and one of the largest and definitely one of the most famous ones in the world. There are a couple of price points if you wish to attend the show or go behind the scenes.
Night view of Vienna state opera

For 9 Euro you can take a 40-minute behind-the-scenes tour of the facility where you will learn everything about the Vienna State Opera. To see the show, you can either buy it in advance (I bought mine via tour) or you can go around 60 minutes before and wait at the entrance of the State opera where you can buy a ticket for around 10 Euros depending on the show that is being performed.

What to do on Day 4 in Vienna?

Day four depends on when you are leaving the city, or if you are staying the whole day, and then leaving the next day.

On my last days, I mostly take it easy and just stroll around the city center or visit some of the major attractions that are left.


One of the best museums in the whole of Vienna, Albertina is an old private residence wing of the Imperial Palace. It is mostly famous for its print collection, from drawing to over one million prints.

Price: 13 Euros for adults, free if you are under 19 (so if you look young you maybe can squizz in)

Eat Sachertorte

Sachertorte is one of the most traditional things that you can eat in Vienna. This cake is a chocolate mastery, and the best one is located in the Sacher Hotel cafe. The price is not cheap so be sure to prepare.

Eating cake at Sacher Hotel in Vienna

Take a walk along Dunabe

Taking a night walk along Dunabe is one of the most romantic and beautiful things that you can do when visiting Vienna as a couple, but even if you are doing it alone, it is beautiful and worth seeing. There are also plenty of bars, stores, and cafes alongside the coast that you can sit and have a nice drink next to the water.

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4 Day Guide to Vienna
Outside view of Belvedere palace in Vienna

Hello! I’m Sara, a Croatian native. I’ve traveled all over the world and have knocked out some amazing cities and countries off my bucket list.

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