Guide to Eating Best street food in LA

Street food guide to Los angeles

Street food is one of the staples of Los Angeles, filled with amazing vendors and things to eat, from Tacos, Sliced Fruit to Raspados and Elotes, LA has something for anybody and you need to explore and try it.

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Tacos Street food

Tacos, do people really need to explain this amazing street food? Taco food trucks offer some of the most delicious and authentic tacos in LA, and there are several variations that you need to explore.

Sliced Fruit

Sliced fruit

Looking for ripe, chilled, fresh fruit doused with lime, salt, and chile on virtually every other block in LA? California has some of the best and freshest fruit in the US, with California providing most of its fruit to the rest of the US.

Hot Dogs

LA hot dog Street food

No other food speaks LA like Bacon-wrapped hot dog. These hot dogs are usually cooked on a baking sheet under the midnight moon and are perfect street food after a night of drinking. You can also find a few carts serving this amazing food at the Fashion District at day.


Raspados Street food

A Mexican version of shaved ice, Raspados just hits the spot under the Southern California sun. Raspados are made from shaving off some makeshift snow from the ice block with a raspador and place the fluffy ice shards into a cup. After that, the vendor will fill it with whatever syrup you wish. A crowd favorite syrup is a vanilla flavor.


One of the most iconic Los Angeles street food is a simple vegetable treat that is prepared with salty crumbled cotija cheese, creamy mayonnaise or crema Mexicana, a squeeze of tart Mexican lime, and a squeeze of liquid margarine.

Elote on stick with pink background

A variation of a traditional elote is an esquite, which is when you shave off the corn and place it in a cup with the same ingredients and a little bit of the seasoned corn stock. You will always know when an elotero is near because of the signature jingle of their bells or the repetitive honks of a handheld horn.


Tamales Street food

Tamales are located all over LA, at bus stops, school corners, and gas stations. The traditional tamales are originally from Central America and have a filling of either chicken or pork in salsa verde, or in mole, and one with sliced jalapeños and melted cheese.

Korean BBQ

Korean bbq street food

Korean BBQ is one of the best foods to try when in LA, there are many dishes that you can try from the Korean BBQ. In Los Angeles, you can find “Ponchas” that are short for pojangmacha, the covered street eateries that sprang up in South Korea to cater to business people looking for a light meal and drinks after work.

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Which street food to Eat in Los Angeles
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