How to decorate a room or house with Souvenirs?

How to decorate your room with souvenirs

Souvenirs are one piece of traveling that everybody loves, but most of us have a hard time picking and decorating your room with that right souvenir that will be displayed in your home.

That is why this blog will help you with How to decorate your room with souvenirs?

Here you will some of my favorite room decoration souvenirs that I have in my home, and some of which I’m thinking of getting (Framed maps, Custom made Shelves), so let us not stall any longer and get going.

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Souvenir Decoration Ideas

Table of Contents

Magnet wall

Magnet collection

Magnets are the most popular souvenirs that you can get if you travel, they are usually very affordable and very easy to put in your luggage, also, they are a perfect decoration for your wall, fridge or any other place that you wish to put them on.

Frame maps from your favorite places

Pins on map

Framed maps are like callbacks to places that you visited that bring a lot of memories. They are lightweight, easy to pack, and a great souvenir to decorate any room in your house.

If you can’t find a great map that you like on your trip, you can easily order one online and frame it at home.

Create a picture gallery

Pictures on a wall

Similar to maps, but in a more memorable fashion, pictures are frozen memories. Once you upload your favorite picture to all social media platforms, just consider printing and framing one to display at your home.

Tip – you can never go wrong with black and white photo to display on your wall from your favorite travel destination.

Explain your journey with pillows

US flag on Decorative pillow

Pillowcases and other furnishing are a great way of non-traditional souvenirs that you can incorporate into your room decoration, the only issue that you might have is packaging them and bringing them home if you are traveling far away.

Display landmark replicas

Landmark replica of Eiffel tower in paris

Landmark replicas are some of my favorite souvenir decorations of all time, they are a great room decorations, and they bring so many memories when you look at them.

You can put them almost anywhere and they will instantly spark a conversion if you have guests and they will also look great.

Coffee tables and cups

Coffee tables and cups are great souvenirs if you wish to use your souvenirs occasionally or every day.

In almost every country that I visited they have traditionally made cups and plates that are a great way of decorating your room or house.

Black cat sitting in Mostar

Custom made shelves


Another option, but a bigger one are custom-made shelves. You can create a shelf that is like a world map that will feature your books, replicas, and other souvenirs in it, or you can create a shelf that is maybe your favorite country or your home country, the options are almost endless.

Collect and showcase your passport stamps

Please do not toss your passports away f they are filled up or have expired, they are a great souvenir that can be recycled.

Scan a few pages and glue them on a small wooden block, they will look amazing and you can easily display them anywhere in your room as a souvenir of your favorite travel memories and places.

Keychain collection

Souvenir keychain

Keychains are my obsession, every time I have traveled anywhere I have to buy a keychain that I will put on my wall collection. 

Keychains are great, a small souvenir that almost always features landmarks of the place that you are visiting, also the plus is that you can put them anywhere when traveling around the world, especially if you are visiting multiple destinations.

Frame textiles from around the world


If you like textile and fabric, then this one is for you, store your fabric as a wall decoration in a glass.

You can put a piece of textile in a frame and display it on your wall, it is a very elegant and modern way of decorating your house with souvenirs from around the world.

Tribal masks

Tribal mask with shelves

Some people do not like tribal masks, but I think they are pretty cool (not at night when I’m trying to grab a glass of water, but still).

You can display them based on your room, house theme on your wall, shelve, or virtually anywhere that you see fit, and they will always be a conversation starter if you have friends coming over to your house.

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Decorate room with souvenirs

Hello! I’m Sara, a Croatian native. I’ve traveled all over the world and have knocked out some amazing cities and countries off my bucket list.

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