Most Beautiful Palaces in Asia


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Most beautiful palaces in Asia

Asia is a magnificent destination with an abundance of places to discover. This continent may be most famous for its magnificent temples and delicious food, but Asia is also home to some beautiful palaces.

This list features the most beautiful palaces in Asia that you can visit. From India’s Hawa Mahal to hidden gems like Pagaruyung Palace in West Sumatra, Indonesia, check out Most Beautiful Palaces to visit in Asia!

Potala Palace, Tibet

Standing 3.700 m (12.139 ft) above sea level, this enormous structure is the highest palace in the world. It’s located in the city of Lhasa in Tibet and was built in the 17th century.

Potala palace in Tibet

Today, the palace serves as a museum where tourists can gaze at this architectural wonder, explore the many rooms, and learn more about Tibetan culture.

Hawa Mahal Palace, India

This magnificent piece of architecture was built in 1799 by Kachhwaha ruler Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh. It was built from red and pink sandstone and counts 953 windows.

Today, visiting the Hawa Mahal Palace is one of the best things to do on a visit to Jaipur. And there’s also an archaeological museum that you can visit in its courtyard.

Grand Palace, Thailand

A beautiful complex of buildings in the heart of Bangkok was built at the order of King Rama. Its construction was completed in 1782 and the palace served as the official residence of the Thai royal family until 1925 when they moved to other residences.

Grand Palace in Thailand

Today, the Grand Palace is argued to be the #1 spot that you cannot miss on a visit to Bangkok. One of its many highlights is the Emerald Buddha Temple, which is Thailand’s most sacred site.

The Forbidden City, China

The Forbidden City in Beijing is not only the largest ancient palatial structure in the world, but it’s also China’s best-preserved palace. This enormous place was constructed in 1420, during the Ming Dynasty, and 24 emperors lived here over a period of almost five centuries.

Front view of The Forbidden City in China

There are 980 buildings at the Forbidden City. So make sure to do some research in advance if you’re planning on visiting the place. There really is a lot to see here and you don’t want to miss the highlights.

Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

Sigiriya, also called Lion Rock, is quite different from the other palaces. It’s a stunning place that you cannot miss on a visit to Sri Lanka. Sigiriya Palace is located on top of a rock plateau towering 370 m (1214 ft) above sea level.

Sigiriya Palace in Sri lanka

On a visit to Sigiriya, you’ll see the remains of the royal palace along with its gardens and well-preserved frescoes. You’ll have to be willing to climb the rock’s 1.200 steps to reach the top in order to visit the ruins of this palace though.

Pagaruyung palace, Indonesia

Pagaruyung Palace was the residence of the former Pagaruyung Kingdom until 1833. The original palace was built in the 17th century, but over the years, the palace was destroyed and rebuilt three times.

Front view of Pagaruyung palace in Indonesia

The palace that you can visit today was completed in 2013 after a fire destroyed its predecessor. It was built in Minangkabau Rumah Gadang architectural style, using traditional techniques. Inside, you’ll find a museum exhibiting Minang furniture and artifacts.

Gyeongbok Palace, South Korea

Gyeongbok Palace is the largest of Seoul‘s Five Grand Palaces and it has quite a turbulent history. In 1990, the palace was restored, and it has been open to visitors ever since. Today, it’s one of the most beautiful palaces in Asia and a place where you can learn more about Korean history.

People in front of Gyeongbokgung palace in South Korea

Bang Pa-In Palace, Thailand

The Summer Palace, Bang Pa-In is a palace complex that used to be the summer retreat of Thai kings. It was built in 1632 but later abandoned for almost a century. At the end of the 19th century, Bang Pa-In Palace was renovated at the demand of King Rama V, and it’s still used by the royal family today.

Bang Pa In palace in Thailand

This beautiful palace is a perfect day trip from Bangkok. You’ll find a beautiful mixture of architectural styles here, ranging from classical Thai to European-themed buildings.

Golestan Palace, Iran

Located in Tehran, the capital of Iran, Golestan Palace was built during the Qajar Dynasty. It’s set around a beautiful garden and is often nicknamed the Palace of Flowers. On a visit to Golestan Palace, you’ll be astonished by the place’s stunning Persian architecture.

Golden palace in Golestan Palace in Iran

Palace has nine different sections, all of which require a separate entry ticket to visit. Some of the most popular sections are the Main Hall, the Negar Khaneh, and the Throne Veranda.

Mandalay Palace, Myanmar

Myanmar’s last royal palace, kings and queens of the Burmese monarchy lived here from 1859 until 1885 when troops of the Burma Field Force broke in and captured the royal family.

Court view of Mandalay palace in myanmar

Unfortunately, the original palace was destroyed during World War II, so what you can see today is a reconstruction. Although it might not be the original palace standing there, it is still extremely beautiful.

Most Beautiful palaces in Asia to Visit
Best Palaces in Asia

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