Must know Travel Hacks - Unexpected and Money-Saving Travel Tips!

Must know travel hacks

Traveling around the world is my passion and currently a full-time job, so you can that I know a couple of things about traveling and travel hacks.

There are a number of travel hacks that are out there, but I have summarized some of my favorite ones, that not only will save you money but also make your life a lot more comfortable when traveling around the world.

Let us learn all about Must know travel hacks!

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Must-Know Travel Hacks!

Sing up for credit cards with travel offers

Credit cards with travel offers are a gem, and there are a number of them in every country, especially the US. The points that you accumulate can be used for lounge areas (in 99% of situations they are free with the credit card), hotel upgrades, free hotels, free flights, upgrade flights, and much more.

Try not to check a bag

Bag with laptop and glasses

In a situation that I can bring my luggage up to the plain with me I’m doing it because it lowers the potential of losing my baggage, and also the more important part I go faster out of the airport in 99% of the situations then when my luggage is checked in.

Take a photo of your documents

This is a must in my opinion. Be sure to always have a photo of your passport, driver’s license or anything of value on your phone, because in most situations if you forget your passport or driver’s license at the hotel, and you are pulled over you just need to show your phone and there will be no problem.

Stash cash all around and write it down on your phone

I have learned this from my parents when I traveled at a young age, always stash some cash in unusual places. You can always find places that a little bit of cash can fit, and if you forget about it even better, when you find it you will have some cash.

Sign up for VPN

VPN is a Virtual private network that helps you protect your privacy and when traveling helps you with changing your IP address so you can connect as you are browsing from the US but you are in Indonesia.

VPN is immensely useful when you are traveling around Asia and Africa because there are a lot of privacy issues and countries censure a lot of news, and websites that you may want to visit, so to avoid that VPN is the way to go.

I personally use NordVPN for over 2 years now and it has been amazing.

Save local currency as a souvenir

Saving local currency as a souvenir is an easy way to grab a piece of culture home, and in most situations, you will have a few currencies left in your pocket from the trip.
Different money currencies

Avoid jetlag with night flights

Every time I have gone on a long-haul flight I’m trying to book and night flight, mostly I have had an amazing experience of just sleeping in the plane for the whole flight and then arriving at the destination refreshed and ready to explore the moment I land.

I have traveled like that from Athens to Singapore and then from Bali to Berlin and I had no jetlag at all.

Additionally, I have used Expedia to find all of my flights and more!

Try to avoid exchanging money at the airport

Try to wait for the exchange and going to the nearest ATM. Just ask the service desk when arriving at the hotel or apartment for the best exchange rate. In most situations they have advised me in the right direction.

Try looking over more than 2 sites for cheaper rates on Flights

When flying it all depends on when you are traveling, but that does not mean you have to go with the number one site that you visit. Check out all of the below sites for cheaper rates:

Ask for an upgrade

Girl swimming in swimming pool at Bali

I know that this can be a little embarrassing at the beginning, but in most situations, hotels or apartment hotels have a free room just laying around. They will happily offer that one for a small fee.

I have gotten an upgrade when I was in Bali for 5$, and that was for the whole 2 weeks that I was there, so trust me it is totally worth asking.

Download Waze

If you are going to Asia, Waze is more popular than Google Maps and has better tracking of roads than Maps. I have realized that when I was in Singapore and I have gotten into a blind street but Maps was showing that there was a passageway, I have not had that problem with Waze.

An amazing thing with Waze, if you search for a place and you save it, you can use the application offline and the directions will show without any issues, so you will not waste any data.

Bring an external Battery

Always bring an external battery for your phone, GoPro, or any other thing that you may use during your trip.

Invest in a good Travel wallet

When traveling you do not want to want to worry about where your passport is your money and etc and having them scattered all over the place. There are a number of amazing travel wallets that you can use and try so check them out.

Mark your luggage as fragile

This is a simple trick that will keep your luggage and bag intact when handling it if checking in. Also, this helps with luggage coming out in the first batch!

Invest in Noice canceling headphones

Over-ear or in-ear, today you can find both. I personally use Sony WF-1000XM3 in-ear headphones and let me tell you I do not hear a thing when I put them on.

Sony, Bose, or Airbuds PRO you will not make a mistake when picking either one.

Incognito mode is the way to go when searching for flights

Operators such as Wizz, Ryan air, Skyscanner and others determine and fluctuate their prices based on your search history and cookies, so when trying to find a great price be sure to go in a guest window or Incognito mode.

Google Chrome “Incognito mode” can be enabled by pressing ⋮ below the x button and then “New Incognito window” that is third on the selection.

Solve your packing problems with an app

PackPoint has helped me numerous times with packaging. Once the app is downloaded you just put where you are going and when and it shows the best packaging options for you.

FlightAware helps you track your flights

FlightAware app screen
There is a website and app from FlightAware, both help you track your flights or other persons in real-time. You can easily find out if your flight will be delayed, or if your flight had to be rerouted.

Invest in adapter

Having a good adapter will help you immensely when traveling around the world, be sure to buy a universal one that works in all countries and has USB ports, I personally use this one.

Wear comfortable clothes

Wearing comfortable clothes is the number one part when traveling. I have seen numerous times women that wear high heels and dress like they are going on a fancy dinner when they are going on a long-haul 12-hour flight and then after 5 hours they are going to change in the bathroom.

Find best photo places via Social media

Instagram reel TheSworlds

Using Instagram as a place to find the best photo spots is nothing new, but few people really do that! Be sure to check out my Instagram and highlighted stories for all the destinations and places to have a photo!

Do research about the souvenirs

Everything country and city has that special souvenir that you want to grab when visiting, so be sure to research a little bit before you embark on your journey.

If you are going to Italy or France, check out these articles for Italy Souvenirs, and this one for France Souvenirs.

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Most unexpected travel hacks that saved me money
Travel hacks that will change the way you travel

Hello! I’m Sara, a Croatian native. I’ve traveled all over the world and have knocked out some amazing cities and countries off my bucket list.

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