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Places to Visit in Northern Italy

Best Places to visit in Northern Italy

Northern Italy is as diverse as it is beautiful: spectacular mountains in the Dolomites and the Alps, vast lakes, vineyard-covered hills, dramatic coastlines, enchanting historical cities, and architecture.

Get inspired with this list of some of the most stunning locations in the Northern Italy region.

Langhe, Piedmont

In the wine-producing region of Langhe, vineyard-covered hills give way to views of the snow-covered Alps.

Person cutting grapes

Picturesque Piedmont villages form in clusters on small winding roads throughout the region, with striking contemporary architecture and sculptures found on many vineyard estates.

The Cinque Terre

This coastal region comprises five fishing and wine-producing villages – Monterosso al Mare to Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore.

People walking around Cinque Terre

Perched dramatically on rocky cliff fronts. Steep terraces of brightly colored houses teeter over inlets and lively harbors, while olive groves and vineyards traverse inland. Largely inaccessible by car, Cinque Terre is a walker’s haven.

Bagni di Bormio, Lombardy

Bormio is a small village in the Valtellina area of the Alps close to Switzerland, which is built around ancient hot springs.

Hot springs near mountains

For years, people have traveled to Bormio in search of wellness from the thermal spa and fresh mountain air. Relax in the Bagni Vecchi, Roman baths located in the mouths of mountain caves, or take in the alpine scenery from a thermal pool or hot tub at the Bagni Nuova.

Lake Garda, Lombardy

Located at the edge of the Dolomites, this is Italy’s largest lake and its beauty has been eulogized by many writers. At the northern part of the lake, the Gruppo del Baldos mountains create a backdrop and at the center, you will find small islands home to grand villas.

Tree in lake garda

Garda’s many lakeside villages and towns drip with lush and fragrant Mediterranean plant life and fishing boats rest in their harbors. Fresh mountain water gently laps at the sand and beaches that dot the lake’s perimeter.


Bologna is one of the largest cities in Italy. Bolonga has a strong economic presence in the manufacturing and financial industries and is also a major transport hub.

Street view of Bologna

The leaning towers of Bologna and Torre Prendiparte for example are fascinating and beautiful structures that dominate the skyline of the city. Aside from the towers, Bologna also has some amazing Piazzas and religious buildings such as Piazza Maggiore and the Cathedral of San Petronio.


The main site of Verona is undoubtedly the Arena – this huge structure rivals the Colosseum of Rome and is just as spectacular. Furthermore the Castle Vecchio and the connecting Ponte Vecchio are amazing structures to visit and provide a look at the history of Verona.

Night view of Verona

This city also features impressive religious structures such as Verona Cathedral and the Basilica of San Zeno Maggiore, but also a myriad of gorgeous Piazzas such as the Piazza Delle Erbe and the Piazza Bra.


Genoa has a major role in countries economy and has always played a prominent role in the history of Italy. The city walls were once expansive and the Porta Soprana is one of the remaining gates from this once impenetrable fortress.

Coast view of port of Genoa

In the city center, you can admire the architecture in public spaces such as the Piazza Ferrari and the Piazza Matteotti. Moreover, the Aquarium and Maritime Museum are fantastic for those who want to learn about marine life and the history of Genoas port.

Camogli, Liguria

Fresh seafood on the azure pebble beaches of this picturesque fishing village is a must. The main beach is lined with buildings painted in sherbert hues, others are nestled in secluded coves surrounded by greenery.

People on a beach in Camogli liguria

The ancient Abbazia San Fruttuoso creates a backdrop for a small bay beneath a steep wooded hill; its cloisters lead directly onto the beach that is only accessible by foot.

Venice, Veneto

Venice exceeds expectations of magnificence and magic. Venetian Gothic architecture is almost untouched and the beauty of the palazzos and callettes is mirrored in the turquoise canals.

People in Gondolas at Grand Canal in Venice

With boats the only mode of transport, it is easy to imagine the island in its 16th-century splendour – packed with trade, artistic brilliance.

Pragser Wildsee, Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol

One of the most beautiful lakes in the Dolomites. Located in the Pragser valley between Felsberg and Niederdorf, the Pragser Wildsee is surrounded by pine forest and its perfectly calm water is an almost unreal turquoise.

Wooden house in moutains
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