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September to November for my liking are the best times to visit Spain.

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The main currency in Spain is Euro.

Spain is a beautiful, dynamic country full of siestas, culture, regional uniqueness, and variety. From cities such as Madrid and Barcelona, learn everything about Spain in this Spain Travel Guide.

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Know before you go to Spain

Some of the most popular cities include Barcelona and Madrid were most tourists go when visiting this amazing country, but cities like Granada, Valencia, and Sevilla are beautiful and full of life and history.

Spain is very friendly to tourists since that is how they make most of their money, they are great at hosting parties, drinking good wine and enjoying great food. Also, added bonus is that Spain is in the mid-range price-wise so you can have a great time at a decent price.

Street view to Basilica of Santa Maria del Maria in Barcelona

Best time to visit Spain?

September to November for my liking are the best times to visit Spain. You can swim in the sea and there isn’t too much of a tourists crowd since the peak season is from May to August.

Also great time to visit is in March and April, when airline prices are down, and the weather is starting to become perfect by each passing day.

What to expect in Spain

Language in Spain

The official language of Spain is Spanish, but since they are a tourist country you will have an easy time communicating in English.

Currency in Spain

The main currency in Spain is the Euro.

Credit cards and ATMs

There is a lot of ATM-s all over Spain in major and smaller cities so you won’t run out of cash easily if you need it. But if you are going on a two-day trip to some small places I would recommend carrying some cash.

Casa Batllo in Barcelona

Cost of food in Spain

Food is really not a problem in Spain and especially when it comes to pricing it. You can have cheap tapas and sandwiches for between 3 to 10 Euro.

Mid-Range restaurant cost around 10 to 20 Euros depending on where you are going. In cities such as Barcelona and Madrid, you can easily pay up to 20 Euros for a meal.

Fast-food chains are also all over Spain so you can grab them also if you like.

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