10 Things to do in Milan, Italy- Explore Milan

Ten things to do in Milan, Italy

Milan is one of my favorite cities that I have traveled to. The city features a great blend of modern and history with fashion in the middle of it all.

Offering great food, even better landmarks, and attractions, Milan is a must city to visit and needs to be on your bucket list if you are traveling around Italy or Europe, that Is why I created 10 things to Do and See when in Milan!

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Things to do in Milan, Italy

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Check out Duomo di Milan

The most famous attraction in Milan, this Gothic cathedral construction started in 1386 with final touches being applied in the 1960s. You will always see a lot of people gathering in front of Duomo di Milan and taking pictures.

Girl standing in front of Duomo di Milan

The most spectacular view is from the top of the Duomo di Milan where you can see the whole city center of Milan.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of tours that include the Duomo di Milan entrance in their fees, and it is way cheaper than buying tickets separately at the entrance of the Cathedral.

See shops at Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Looking to explore all the latest fashion trends? They are located here, in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

This is the oldest shopping mall in Italy and one of the main landmarks in Milan. In the middle of the shopping mall, you will see a huge dome that lights up in the night. The entrance is free, and there is a lot of people there at all times walking around.

Girl standing at entrance to Galleria Vittorio Emanuele at night

Try some of the best Gelato in Italy at CioccolatItaliani

Gelato is one of the best desserts in Europe, and it comes from Italy, but in my traveling around Italy, the best Gelato that I had was from CioccolatItaliani.

Gelato in cones on plate

CioccolatItaliani is a Gelato shop located right next to Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in the center of Milan, the main catch of CioccolatItaliani is not only that they have amazing Gelato, but how entertaining the people are when making that gelato.

Explore Castello Sforzesco and Sempione park

Castello Sforzesco is a huge, 15th-century citadel and one of the largest of its kind in Europe. It is amazing to see how a citadel of this size is located almost right in the center of one of the largest cities in Europe.

Castello Sforzesco now houses several museums and art collections, the entrance to the main part of the citadel is free, but the entrances to the museums inside the citadel are not.

The museums and how beautiful the Citadel is are not even the best parts of the whole experience, the best part is that the whole citadel has a massive park right in the back called Sempione park.

Girl sitting next to fountain at entrance to Sforzesco castle
Girl standing next to lake at Sempione park in Milan

Sempione Park is the biggest park in Milan, it was established in 1888 and it is located right next to Arco Della Pace and connected to the gardens of Castello Sforzesco. You will need a whole day to explore all of the park, so if you have a day to spare I would recommend it.

The park is always full of people sitting on grass, artists and musicians painting and singing. In the middle of the park is a lake where most of the people take pictures, with a public aquarium being in the park also.

Get lost in the rich district of Milan Corso Como

Milan’s Corso Como is known to be the district of the Rich and Famous. Corso Como is a place where some of the most beautiful and modern buildings are made and also this is the place where the world’s rich eco-building was made.

Girl standing in front of skyscraper at Gae Aulenti square in Milan

When I traveled to Milan, I stumbled on Corso Como by accident, since I went on the wrong tram which took me to Corso Como, lucky me I realized where I was once I saw the eco-building.

Go inside San Siro

Watching football match at San Siro in Milan

San Siro is the football mecca of Italy and home to AC Milan and Inter Milan football clubs. The stadium is the largest in Milan and one of the largest in Italy; therefore, it is home to 90% of Milan’s concerts.

Sit and enjoy Arco Della Pace

If you have ever been to Paris, then Arco Della Pace will instantly remind you of Arc de Triomphe which is probably the most famous attraction next to Louvre and Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Arco della Pace in Milan
Arco Della Pace is a city gate of Milan, it is referred to that because it is considered to be an entrance to Zone 1 or the city center of Milan. The monument is surrounded by restaurants and bars so you can take a bite or a quick drink while looking at this monument.

Grab a drink while overlooking Duomo di Milan

Girl looking from balcony drinking wine at people in Milan

Most of the time Duomo di Milan is a very crowded place, but a little travel hacks is that right next to Duomo di Milan in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, there is a terrace called Terrazza Aperol that overlooks the whole of square right in front of Duomo di Milan.

At the Terrazza Aperol, you will be able to grab some of the most beautiful pictures in Milan.

Basilica di Sant Ambrogio

Fourth-century church of Milan patron saint, Basilica di Sant Ambrogio is a sight to see when in Milan. Decorations inside are breathtaking and singing nuns will give you a memory that will last for a lifetime.

Try some exclusive coffee at Starbucks Reserve Roastery

This isn’t your usual Starbucks, this is one out of 6 in the whole world, and the only one in Europe, with two being in Seattle, and one each in Shanghai, New York, Tokyo, and Chicago.

Reserve Roastery is a Starbucks where you can see how the coffee is roasted and made, alongside some of the most unique blends that you will ever try, such as Cold brew Nitro Vanilla and much more.

Location: Piazza Cordusio 3, Milan, Italy

Bonus: Grab a day trip to Serravalle Designer Outlet next to Milan

Milan is known to be the fashion capital of the world, but that does not mean that you have to spend a fortune if you want to grab some clothes in Milan.

Serravalle Designer Outlet is one of the most popular and well-known outlets in Europe, it features premium brands from all over the world at discount prices. The outlet is located around 90 minutes from Milan. On their website, you can plan your visit since there are no FlixBus or other alternatives on how to get there.

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Things to do in Milan

Hello! I’m Sara, a Croatian native. I’ve traveled all over the world and have knocked out some amazing cities and countries off my bucket list.

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