10 Things to do in Prague - Explore Prague

Ten things to do in Prague

Prague is a beautiful European travel destination that has to be on your bucket list when visiting Europe or living there.

The city is full of interesting and majestic places to see and explore, so I have made a list of the 10 Best Things to do in Prague!

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Things to do in Prague

Table of Contents

Charles Bridge

River view of Charles bridge in Prague

When talking about Prague, Charles Bridge is something that comes almost instantly to your mind, a massive bridge that always has crowds of people walking on it, artists singing, painting pictures, and much more. Charles Bridge truly is a must-see when visiting Prague.

Old Town Square and Astronomical clock

View of Astronomical clock in Prague

Old Town Square and Astronomical clock are both right next to each other, moreover Astronomical clock is located in Old Town Square, so you will easily have two in one special when visiting either Old Town Square or Astronomical clock.

Astronomical clock is a must-visit on the full hour, because that is when the “show” around the clock starts, with little figurines going out and music playing, it is truly a one of its kind attraction.

Wenceslas Square

People at Wenceslas Square

Wenceslas Square is a half-mile long, 14-century Square filled with hotels, restaurants, bars, and shops for you to explore, it is also a meeting place for most of the people in Prague.

Most trams, buses, and all of the public transport stop at Wenceslas Square, so you will have an easy time navigating if trying to visit Old Town square or Charles Bridge.

Prague Zoo

One of the biggest and oldest Zoo-s in the world, Prague Zoo is a must-visit if you have time. Why do I say if you have time? Prague ZOO is massive, and it will take you almost the whole day just to explore it, also the ZOO is located a little bit outside the city, so you will have to take public transport or rent a car.

Prices – Adults CZK 250, Children (aged 3 to 15 years*) CZK 200

Try Trdelnik

Eating trdelnik in Prague

Trdelnik is the most famous desert in all of the Czech Republic. Pastry filled with sugar, chocolate, vanilla, or whatever you like, it is an absolutely amazing thing to try, and also a must-try when in Prague or any part of the Czech Republic.

Eat traditional at Krčma

Ice cream cones at a shop in Prague

Eating traditional in any country or city that you visit is a must, trying different food and exploring all of the gastronomical marvels is great, and you will have a blast in Krčma if you like that. Krčma is one of the best traditional Czech republic restaurants that I have been in, Gulaš is amazing, soups are perfect, and the beer is even better, Krčma has it all.

Go on a walking tour

Prague is a massive city with a lot of secret spots and attractions that a “normal” tourist will not see or try to visit, that is why a walking tour in this city is a must if you wish to experience the city in the right way. Prague in general is easily walkable and you will have an easy time exploring 90% of the main attraction in just one day with a walking tour.

Visit Lennon Wall and have an aerial view of Prague

Paintings of things at John lennon wall in Prague

This is an option for anybody, but I visited Lennon Wall only because it is located right next to one of the most beautiful and interesting aerial views that I have seen in Prague.

Lennon Wall is located over the Charles Bridge on the Prague Castle side and right next to Charles Bridge. Aerial view of Prague is just down from Lennon wall and you will be able to capture all of Prague in one easy swoop.

Explore Prague Castle

Prague Castle in Prague

Prague Castle is a complex of old buildings and churches, and also a place where all of the Czech Republic presidents live. Prague castle is huge, and if visiting I would suggest that you book a tour, it will be a lot easier to explore this with a guide than alone wandering around this massive complex, but if you wish to explore alone, in the middle of the Complex you will see St. Vitus church which is the most famous church in all of Prague.

Powder tower

Powder tower is one of the staples of Prague. A 15 century Gothic Tower that was used to store gunpowder, this tower today is used as a tourist attraction, and one of the original city gates in Prague, it also separates Old Town from the New Town of Prague.

Powder tower in Prague

Bonus: One day trip to Czech Krumlov

View of Czech krumlov

If you have one day to spare, then I suggest putting a trip to Czech Krumlov high on your list. This small town next to Prague is an outdoor paradise, with a huge castle that features bears and rafting if you like. Tours and travel buses go there regularly, so you will have an easy time catching one. Here you can find the one that I used when visiting Czech Krumlov.

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Must do and see things in Prague

Hello! I’m Sara, a Croatian native. I’ve traveled all over the world and have knocked out some amazing cities and countries off my bucket list.

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