Ultimate guide to French Souvenirs - What to buy in France?

Ultimate guide to buying souvenirs in France

France souvenirs and gifts to bring home after visiting this amazing country are almost as large as the country itself, featuring some of the most creative and unique souvenirs that you can buy in the world!

Below you find the list of my favorite French Souvenirs, and what to Buy when Visiting France!

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Best French Souvenirs

Table of Contents

French Soap

Colorful soap France

Soap is one of the most traditional souvenirs that you can buy in France, mainly because soap has been crafted in France since the middle ages. You can buy soap almost in any city in France, but the most famous ones are located in Provence and Marseille

Baguette Accessories

Baguette with wine and glasses in France

French baguettes as almost as famous as the Eiffel Tower, that is why grabbing a baguette souvenir needs to be on your list when visiting France.

A local chain, Polaine, has an excellent selection of baguette-related accessories, including cutting boards, knives, and even a custom cloth bag to tote your baguette in.


Macarons in France

Candy in France is not a staple of souvenirs such as the ones in Sweden, Japan, or even Belgium, but they are still tasty and a must-try and have if visiting France. You can easily grab them in any supermarket in France so do not miss out.

Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Park in Paris

Disneyland in Paris is a must-see attraction in general, but be sure to save some extra money to buy some souvenirs in Disneyland. Mickey ears to Princess dresses, there is something for everybody in Disneyland.

French Beret

The most popular French Cliche that is instantly recognizable, the French Beret is something that you have to buy if you are leaving France. The most authentic and best ones are located in Paris, but you can buy them all over France also.

Maille Mustard

Maille mustard has been standing in Paris since 1747, and it is not your standard supermarket mustard. Stocked with numerous varieties of combinations, it is impossible to find a unique souvenir.

Black bottle Maille mustard
Maille Mustard Photo © Maille Mustard

If you buy the mustard it will be wrapped in Maille’s signature black paper, perfect for gifting, but if you are traveling for a long time be careful not to break it.

Eiffel Tower Replica

Landmark replica of Eiffel tower in paris

This is the most popular souvenir in France, mainly because it is probably the easiest one to get. Eiffel Tower Replica can be found almost anywhere in Paris, and they make a perfect souvenir that you can put anywhere at home to remember your trip to France.

French Perfume

Selling Perfumes in a shop

If you are looking for the most traditional and authentic French perfumes, then visit the city of Grasse, the epicenter of perfume-making tradition since medieval times. But if you can’t visit Grasse in Paris search for brands like Fragonard and Guerlain.

Lavender Products

Lavender product

France is famous for its lavender fields, and you can take some home with you in the form of lavender products! Tourist favorites are lavender satchels that keep your luggage or drawers smelling fresh and keep your bags clean from bugs.

Bottle of Wine/Champagne

Glasses and bottles of champagne

Wine or Champagne, it early doesn’t matter in France, both of them are a home run if bought as a souvenir. The only issue with buying these big bottles is that you have to keep them safe when you are traveling home in-plane or car.

French Chocolate

Chocolate is a must-try in any country that you visit, but in France, it is a must-have as a souvenir also. In France, chocolate is traditionally darker and more heavily roasted than Belgian or Swiss chocolate, which can be milkier and creamier.

Chocolate box

If you wish to buy some souvenir chocolate visit Maison du Chocolat, Marais, Debauve, and Gallais where you will everything.

Traditional French Tea

Paris has amazing tea shops, as do many other cities and towns across France. The most famous are Mariage Frères and Dammann Frères. These tea shops, both founded more than 100 years ago, are full of history and tradition.

Tea shop in France

Those shops offer several gift boxes that you can assemble according to your taste and budget to bring home.

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Fifteen best souvenirs to buy in France
What to Buy in France? Best Souvenirs in France

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