What to Buy in Italy? Best Italian Souvenirs

What to buy in Italy? Best Souvenirs in Italy

Italy is a tourist mecca, and a truly unique country to visit filled with amazing things to do, eat, and souvenirs to buy. There are so many souvenirs to choose from and buy choose in Italy, that this list will help you in choosing the best one for you!

This list will help you choose the best souvenirs to bring home or to give to your friends and family.

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Best Italian Souvenirs List

Table of Contents

Olive Oil

Pouring olive oil on Table

Olive oil is more like a staple of Italian than a souvenir, alongside that it is easy to ship home.

Olive oil is a popular souvenir year-round, but the best part is that if you are visiting Italy in the fall, you can pick up fresh olive oil just made from the harvest.


Wine bottles for sale

Italy has some of the best wines in the World, especially Tuscany, so be sure to grab a bottle or two when going home.

Also the best part, you can arrange that the vineyards ship bottles home for you, so you will not have any issues with packing them.



Limoncello is Italy’s most popular and well-known liqueur, mostly made on the Amalfi Coast and surrounding Campania area, today you can find it all over Italy.

It is amazing as a drink and as a souvenir, and you can make an incredible Limoncello spritz with it.


Creating pasta

Even if pasta can be bought anytime anywhere, the original traditional pasta from Italy is nothing to sneeze at. You can buy it as a souvenir and you let it sit in your apartment or house, or if you are hungry create some amazing traditional Italian dish at home.


Ceramics on red wall

Ceramics are popular across Italy, and if you are visiting any Italian home you will see why. Italy offers beautiful, hand-painted ceramics with landmarks and attractions from across Italy.

Murano Glass

Person forging glass

Murano Glass is popular across Italy, but if you are looking for authentic Murano Glass, you can only buy it in Murano or Venice.

Murano glass has a distinct color and patterns, that is why it is a popular souvenir and it can be seen in palaces, castles, and other popular buildings.

Venetian Mask

Venetian mask

Who doesn’t know about Venetian carnival and Venetian Masks?

You can find the original ones only in Venice, and their prices range from 3 Euros to Thousands. They are a great souvenir to bring home a decorate your home with, or gift to friends and family.


Selling Perfumes in a shop

Some of the most popular perfumes that you are using currently come from Italy, but if you are visiting some of the most popular perfume shops in Italy such as Santa Maria Novella Pharmacy in Florence or the Merchant of Venice store in Venice, you will not see popular brand names, but you can choose your perfume only based on scent.

Luxury Clothes from Italian Designers

Gucci entrance at night with car passing

Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Versace, Armani, Iceberg there are so many brands that you can choose from and if I may say so they are decently cheap in Milan, mainly because in Milan you can find any brand and any designer wear that you want!


Wooden rosary

Catholic or non-Catholic, the Rosary is a great souvenir to remember Italy and Vatican city, it is also one of the most popular souvenirs in Italy that you can buy.


Magnet collection

Magnets are the easiest souvenirs that you can buy, but in comparison to other cities, Italian magnets are pretty expensive so be sure to really like them before you buy them.


Decorated mugs with city names

I’m a huge fan of mugs, I have a huge collection of mugs from all around the world.

They are cheap in most situations, they are easy to transport and they look great as a house decoration.

Como Silk

Silk scarfs

The city of Como near Lake Como is known for crafting some of the finest silk in the world since the 1400s.

If you visit the Museum, you will learn all about Lake Como silk History, but if you wish to buy a Como Silk, you can visit Como, Bellagio, or any other shopping mecca near Lake Como and search for brands like Manter and Frey.

If you are located in Lake Como, buy silk at InComo and A. Picci, they offer authentic and best Como Silk.

Handmade Positano Sandals

Leather sandals

Positano is known for their Leather sands that are stylish and can be worn everywhere and on anything. Their sandals are made from genuine Italian leather.

The stores with Sandals are located all over Positano, so just stop by, select stye and pick them up in an hour.

Handcrafted Silver from San Gimignano

Women sorting silver jewelry

San Gimignano is not a shopping mecca, but instead of shopping for high-class designer wear, you can grab a handcraft silver jewelry!

Macalle has beautiful and uniquely crafted silver jewelry that you will surely want!

Balsamico di Modena

Balsamico Vinegar

Italy is foodie heaven, and Balsamico di Modena is just one of those ingredients that helps it in being that.

Balsamico is made in a traditional acetaia, and there are several grades of selection: the better IGP is very good, but the best quality is DOP and aged 12-25 years. Years!

Giuseppe Giusti is a larger factory in Modena which has produced traditional Balsamico di Modena since 1605, but their tour still has a small, intimate feel.

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Best Italian souvenirs
Best souvenirs in Italy

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