What to do in Zagreb for Winter? - Zagreb Winter Guide

What to do in Zagreb for Christmas?

Zagreb is not a big city, but still, the whole city is decorated during the winter months. If you are planning a route to visit all the things at once be sure to start with King Tomislav Square and then go to Upper city or Štross, that way you will cover all the things listed belove and you will have a great time. Below you will find the Ultimate guide to what to do in Zagreb during Winter?

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Go ice skating on King Tomislav's Square

Every year for the past 5 years, there is an ice skating rink at King Tomislav’s Square with an overlook of the whole Main Train station of Zagreb and other attractions. It is a quite romantic thing to do if you are with your significant other.

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Girl posing next to ice skiing rink in Zagreb
Girl standing in front of Christmas decorated fountain in Zagreb

Eat some Frituals

You will see a lot of people carrying plastic cups with a bunch of round chocolate-covered fried things. Those are Frituals and they are similar to doughnuts but a lot smaller and without the hollow middle. 

Be sure to try them because you will not be disappointed. The price is around 20-30 kn depending on where you buy them.

Go to Štross

Štross is located in the upper part of the Main Square in Zagreb, and it is absolutely amazing in the Christmas times, with food and drinking stands all over the place with the look over the Zagreb. You can relax and have a great time there with your friends or if you are a couple since there is something for everybody.

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Girl posing on a Balcony looking at Zagreb Cathedral

Drink some hot wine or hot gin

There would not be Christmas time without some hot wine or hot gin in Zagreb. People all over are drinking hot wine and eating and you should try it too if you wish to feel the real Croatian and Zagreb culture.

Visit Zrinjevac

Next to King Tomislav’s Square, this is the most popular place to visit, with a number of stands from hot-dogs to fritulas to music and dancing. If you are willing to buy some Christmas souvenirs for your home, then buy them here, since most of them are hand-crafted and beautiful.

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Girl posing in front of door outside in Zagreb

Buy some Christmas souvenirs

As I said before, be sure to buy some Christmas souvenirs for your home to decorate your Christmas tree. You will find a lot of beautiful souvenirs that surely fit in your home.

Go to Trg Bana Josipa Jelačića to see a giant Christmas tree

The most famous and most well known Square in Zagreb is the Trg Bana Josipa Jelačića, known for the giant horseman that point his sword, this Square lights up when it is Christmas time. 

There is  giant Christmas tree next to the statue and a large number of spots that you can take pictures at, or if you do not like taking pictures, you can easily have hot wine or hot gin at the stands.

Fritules covered with chocolate in front of Christmas tree

Eat some great food from food stands

While you are drinking wine or gin, you have to eat. If you are located in the city center of Zagreb at Christmas time you can easily find a lot of food stands that have anything from Burgers to bakery products that you can try. The typical combination is hot wine and sausage in a bun, so be sure to try.

Visit Fuliranje

Fuliranje is a small park that is located between Zrinjevac and King Tomislav’s Square. There are always live performances by amazing Croatian artists and you can eat some great food and have a great time.

Girl standing in front of wooden Kras castle in Zagreb

Have a great Christmas time

Last but not least, just have a great time in Zagreb. You really can’t get lost in the city center of Zagreb since the city isn’t that big at Christmas time, and mostly the strong city center is covered in lights and decorated, so you will clearly know if you are out of the city center.

If you are going with friends or just as a couple you can find any type of people, if you are more laid back you can easily find a quiet space to drink wine and have a great time, or if you are more socialized and like to talk to people, Croatians are social and love to talk to tourists so you will have a great time no matter what you are doing.
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What to do in Zagreb for Christmas?

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