Which countries are open to Vaccinated tourists?

Which countries are open to vaccinated tourists?

Traveling has gotten a lot harder, and maybe even impossible in some cases in the past year and a half, but due to vaccines, some countries have decided to open their border to people who have received their vaccines.

In the European Union, countries have started to vaccinate their citizens and expect around 70% of the European Union population to be vaccinated by summer 2021, which is great news if you are wishing to travel (like me).

Cumulative COVID-19 vaccination doses administered per 100 people (FEB 22, 2021)

Some countries such as Israel, UAE have made great strides in the vaccination of their citizens and hope of restarting their economy and tourism as soon as possible.

Therefore, here is a list of opened countries for tourists that have been vaccinated, and some of the latest updates on what countries will open and in what measure.

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Which countries are open?

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Islands with people at Cyprus

Known for its great weather and beaches, Cyprus was one of the first European countries to open its borders for all vaccinated visitors.

The policy itself is going to be set in motion in March, but details on how the visitor will demonstrate their immunity are yet to be announced.


People in boats in lake next to tree mountain in Guatemala

One of the cheapest and most beautiful Central American countries is the first one in the region to lift any restrictions for travelers who have been vaccinated.

Travelers will need to show documents that verify that they have been vaccinated with both doses at least 14 days before arrival.

All travelers that have not been vaccinated will have to show a negative test that was obtained 72 hours before arrival.


Amazing weather, great food, and world class scuba diving, alongside 115 islands that you can visit in the Indian Ocean, Seychelles present an amazing travel destination any time.

Island with forest in Seychelles

Earlier this year, the country announced that it opened its borders to all vaccinated tourists in the world. The only thing that travelers need to do is have a verified certificated vaccination of two doses from one of the four most popular vaccines.

Travelers who present everything needed will have all of the Seychelles to explore without any restrictions.


A European travel destination that has numerous museums and beautiful architecture has made Poland a popular tourist destination that is open again for tourists.

Late last year, all travelers that can show proof of vaccination do not have to go in quarantine or be tested on arrival or before arriving in the country.

People sitting next to lake in Poland
Poland has not yet opened its borders to all countries but only a list of approved ones, if you wish to visit Poland but have not gotten vaccinated, you can do so by having a proof of negative test.


Waterfall at Iceland

One of the most interesting countries to visit in the world, Iceland is going to open its borders without quarantine or any restrictions on May 1.

Travelers must present what type of vaccines they took, how many doses, and when. If you wish to enter the country without any restrictions you have to take two doses of the vaccine.


Slovenia is an amazing outdoor country filled with amazing things to see, do, and eat. Cities such as Bled and Ljubljana are a must-visit when traveling to this country.

People looking at nature from a bridge in mountains in Slovenia

In February, Slovenia announced that any visitors from the EU and the Schengen area who have been vaccinated can enter the country without any test requirements or quarantines.

This rule also applies to people who have recovered from the virus and have proof (from their doctor).


Number of countries are looking into reopening their borders to vaccinated travelers, Denmark, Greece, Nepal, and Australia are all in the mix for opening their border sooner than later.


Similar to other countries on the list, Taiwan is looking to reopen its border for all vaccinated travelers that have received two doses and have verified papers.


Thailand is looking to open its amazing country, mostly to vaccinated travelers that are looking and willing to travel to Phuket by October this year.

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Countries open to vaccinated tourists

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