Slovenia Travel Guide

If you like hiking, skiing, and adventure-style lifestyle then Slovenia is a country that you have to visit. Learn what to visit in this green country in this Slovenia Travel Guide.

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Slovenia travel guide

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Locate just above Croatia, and next to Italy and Hungary, Slovenia is a small country filled with mountains, rivers, and forests that you can explore. In recent years Slovenia has embraced being one the Greener countries in all of Europe, and it was recognized by the Europan union which awarded their capital Ljubljana with European Green Capital in 2016.

People looking at nature from a bridge in mountains in Slovenia

Know before you go to Slovenia

Slovenia has always been a Balkan state that has a more European feel that her neighbors Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia. Slovenia is also the first of those four countries to be inducted into the European Union which drastically increased its economic growth in recent years.

Mostly known to be a small country, Slovenia has been marketing itself as a green European country filled with beautiful mountains such as Mountain Triglav and beautiful lakes such as Bled Lake.

Empty streets of Ljubljana
Boats in the middle of the Bled Lake

If you wish to have an adventure like vacation filled with hiking, river adventures, and other outdoor activities, Slovenia will offer all of that at a cheap price compared to other European countries.

Best time to visit Slovenia?

Slovenia is located in the perfect location to be visited all year long, so most of the time you can’t go wrong when planning your trip to Slovenia.

What to expect in Slovenia

Language in Slovenia

Slovenian is the main language in Slovenia, similar to Croatian and the rest of the Balkans. You will also hear a lot of Croatian, German, Italian and of course English. You can easily communicate with anybody in Slovenia since it has a very diverse culture.

Currency in Slovenia

Euro is the main currency of Slovenia. Since it entered the European Union, Slovenia has embraced the Euro as its main currency.

Credit cards and ATMs

In most main cities such as Maribor, Ljubljana and even Bled you will easily find ATM-s that you can withdraw your money, and in most restaurants, you can pay by card, but since Slovenia is an outdoor country and people like to visit mountains, lakes, forests and rivers I would recommend that you carry cash if you wish to pay your guide or give him a tip.

Is it safe in Slovenia?

Most of the European countries are safe for any type of travelers, and Slovenia is no exception.

Girl posing in front of fountain at Bled Lake

Getting around Slovenia

Being that Slovenia is such an outdoor country with mountains, lakes and everything else I would recommend that you rent a car or an SUV if you wish to visit some of the more distant places such as Mountain Triglav, Bled Lakes, Julian Alps, Lake Bohinj.

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