Mostar Travel Guide

Mostar is easily one of my favorite cities to visit almost every year just to relax and soak up the nature and warmth of people. Mostar is a stunning city that has a rich history and even better food. Learn everything about this small but amazing city in the below Mostar Travel Guide.

Mostar travel guide

Besides the most popular attraction to the Old Bridge, you will see mosques and a lot of Turkish-style buildings. Every year that I visit Mostar there is something new and the buildings are being rebuilt at a real good pace, mostly because they have realized the potential that they have around tourism.

Girl looking at Mostar old bridge

With cheap food and hotels, a tourist-friendly community, and beautiful attractions, Mostar is becoming one of the must-see destinations when in the Balkan area.

What to expect in Mostar

Language spoken in Mostar

Just like the rest of Bosnia, language is Bosnian, with people fluently speaking English and German.

Currency used in Mostar

Convertible mark is the official currency of the whole Bosnia and Herzegovina, so you will have to change your currency when going to Bosnia.

Credit cards and ATMs

I would recommend just carrying cash in Mostar since it is a small town and most of the souvenir shops do not accept credit cards, but if you wish you can easily go to a shopping mall or ATM to withdraw cash if needed.

Climate in Mostar

Located in the bottom part of Bosnia, the weather is great, and warm in summer with temperatures rising to about 30 to 35 C, so you can keep it light.

Girl drinking coffee in Mostar
Girl posing in Mostar old city center

Getting around Mostar

You can easily get to Mostar from any major city in Croatia or the Balkans. For example, it is a 2-hour drive from Split to Mostar, and a 2 and a half-hour drive from Dubrovnik.

Mostar is not a big city and you can easily travel by foot and it is not necessary to rent a car, call a taxi or even rent a motorbike.

Only if you wish to go outside Mostar to visit the countryside then I recommend that you rent a car which is cheap in comparison to Croatian rates.

Houses near river in Mostar

Apartments & Rooms Villa Sulejman

Locate in an old rustic stone building, Apartments & Rooms Villa Sulejman are an old fashioned apartments and rooms with modern appliances inside. It is around a 2-minute walk from the apartments to the Old Bridge and the old town. Also since it is an apartment-style accommodation if you wish to cook by yourself or prepare yourself breakfast then you can easily do that here. Check out the Apartments & Rooms Villa Sulejman.

Location: Hadžimerovića 3, Mostar 88104, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Accommodation: Apartments
Price range: €40 +

Hotel Eden

One of the newly built hotels in Mostar. Hotel Eden has a modern feel in this small old town. A little bit further than the rest of the accommodations Hotel Eden is also closely located to Old bridge just 450 meters. It is equipped with a spa and pool area that you can relax in after a long day of walking through Mostar. Check out, Hotel Eden.

Location: Konak 18, Mostar 88000, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Accommodation: Hotel
Price range: €45 +

Room at Hotel Eden in Mostar
Hotel Eden, photo from:
Inside pool at Hotel Eden in Mostar
Hotel Eden, photo from:

Hotel-Restaurant Kriva Ćuprija

Situated in a heritage-listed limestone house, it is located just next to Old Bridge similar to the Villa Sulejman. Equipped with state-of-the-art appliances Hotel Kriva Ćurpija also features a restaurant that offers not only traditional dishes but international cuisine also. Check out Hotel-Restaurant Kriva Ćuprija.

Location: BA BA, Onešćukova 23, 88000, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Accommodation: Hotel
Price range: €45 +

Hotel Almira

Similar to the other accommodations Hotel Almira is located just around a 5-minute walk to the Old Bridge and the Old town. It has been a while since this hotel opened so the appliances are modern as you might have in the other ones, but still are on a high level. Check out, Hotel Almira.

Location: Rade Bitange, Mostar 88000, Bosnia & Herzegovina 
Accommodation: Hotel
Price range: €53 +

Where to eat in Mostar with sausages grilling at BBQ in the background

This is in most people’s eyes the best part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Mostar is one of the places where you can have amazing food at cheap prices.

National Restaurant Cevabdzinica Tima Irma is hands down the best restaurant in all of Mostar. The prices are very budget, but everything else is almost perfect, food is one of the best that I have ever eaten, the portions are really large, and the staff is nice. If you want to try the authentic Bosnian meals be sure to order Šiš Ćevape in Somun or just Ćevaps in Somun.

Šadrvan is a larger restaurant than National Restaurant Cevabdzinica Tima Irma, here you will find the authentic feel of the decorations and how the staff is dressed also. The prices are a little bit higher than in National Restaurant Cevabdzinica Tima Irma but the food is still amazing. At the end of the meal when you will be paying besides the recipe you will get a postcard with the restaurant and all of its staff on it which you can keep as a nice souvenir from Mostar.

Sausages and hamburgers cooking on BBQ

Located in a perfect spot to see all the hillside that Mostar is surrounded by, Hindin Han offers typical Bosnian dishes such as Sujuk, Ćevapi, and others. The restaurant is in a refurbished historic home, with lovely wooden balconies decorated with lush green plants, and typical wooden-frame windows and white-wash walls.

Girl looking at Old bridge in Mostar

Old Bridge

The single most famous attraction in Mostar if not the entire Bosnia and Herzegovina, this Bridge has gone through a lot and still stands strong. Rebuilt the 16th-century Ottoman bridge that crosses the river Neretva and connects the two parts of the city.

People watching a man jumping from Old bridge in Mostar
Stairs leading to Old bridge in Mostar

The Old Bridge stood for 427 years until it was destroyed on 9 November 1993, but a rebuild was sent into motion and has been rebuilt totally in 2004. The Old Bridge is a place where most of the tourists take pictures and look at how it connects two parts of a city. Do not be surprised when you see people jumping from it to the river down, it is well known that people (professional jumpers and not amateurs) jump there to sharpen their skills, and it is also a nice tourist attraction when you see it in person.

Buy kahveni takum

You are probably wondering what kahveni takum is. It is a set in which you are served Bosnian coffee and you can easily buy it as a souvenir in any souvenir shop. They are beautifully designed and very practical for use. The traditional ones are made of copper and have a bronze color.

Explore Old Town

This is the crowdiest part of the city, not because there are a lot of tourists there, but mainly because the streets are very narrow and there are souvenir shops everywhere so of course, you have to stand and look at all the amazing stuff that you can buy.

People in front of Koski Mehmed pasha mosque in Mostar
Girl posing at Mostar city center

Karađoz Bey Mosque

Karađoz Bey Mosque is a 16th-century Ottoman mosque located in the Old Town of Mostar. You can get inside easily for a fee and go up top to the highest point in the whole city to see the amazing city of Mostar from the aerial view.

Have a night walk around the city

Since Mostar is a safe city you can easily have a night walk and feel this warm city at night. Old Bridge lights up at night and for me, it is even more beautiful than by day.

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