Milan Travel Guide

Design and fashion capital of the world, Milan is one of the Italies’ most recognized cities. It is also a major stop for people who travel to Europe, thanks in part to being the second largest airport in Italy. Where to eat, stay and what to do, check everything in this Milan Travel Guide.

Milan travel guide

I was in Milan for the New Years’ Eve, and it was great. It was full of travelers from all over the world. Because it is such a fashion and business-oriented city, a lot of people say that Milan is a city for work not play.

If you are visiting Italy and passing next to Milan, I would recommend spending a few nights there, and this Milan travel guide will help you figure out where to stay, where to eat, and what to do in Milan for those few days.

Girl posing at Corso Como in Milan

What to expect in Milan

Language spoken in Milan

As you may expect Italian is the main language in Milan, but since Milan is such a big business city you won’t have a hard time communicating with people.

Currency used in Milan

As Milan is part of Italy, Euro is the main currency in this magnificent city.

Credit cards and ATMs

I had a really easy time paying with cards in Milan, and if in some weird situation I needed cash there were a lot of ATM-s all over Milan to withdraw money.

Cost of food in Milan

As you may expect, food is not the cheapest in Milan, so be careful where you sit to eat. Lunch will cost you around 15 Euro, with dinner being a little bit more expensive from 25 to 40 Euros depending on where you eat, but the prices can easily go to 85+ Euros for an upscale restaurant.

Two ghost graffiti on building in Milan with girl at the bottom of the building
Girl looking from balcony drinking wine at people in Milan

Big note: Bread can be charged extra if it is put on the table without waiters telling you that.

To save money you can do a couple of things – Quick eats like slices of pizza, paninis, and snacks cost from 3 to 7 Euros. Also below you will find a lot of restaurants where you can eat cheap, expensive and mid-range.

Getting around Milan

Taxis in Milan

Do not take the taxis, they are expensive, scammy and the charges vary from night to night and how the drivers feel like. Uber is available in Milan, so if you really wish to take a taxi go with Uber instead.

Public transport in Milan

This is a great way of traveling around Milan. Milan has metros, buses, and trams which will bring you anywhere you need in a matter of minutes. Also, there is a City pass will not only give you rides but discounts and maybe even a free entrance to some of the attractions.

Girl standing at entrance to Galleria Vittorio Emanuele at night

Walking and biking in Milan

There are a number of walking and biking tours that you can take which are great and in some cheap ways of exploring the city.

Eco building in Milan


A mid-range hotel located next to the railway and 1km from the Milano Central train station. This hotel I stayed in is nice and cozy, with a buffet breakfast that offers organic jam, a wellness center, and much more. Check out Biocity.

Location: Via Edolo 18, Stazione Centrale, 20125 Milan, Italy
Accommodation: Hotel
Price range: €107 +

Hotel Aurelia

If you are on a strict budget but wish to visit Milan, then Hotel Aurelia is right up your alley. It is a small hotel located around 15 minutes with a tram from the city center. Keep in mind that you will spend most of the day outside and not in the hotel, so a budget hotel like this can be a great choice also. Check out Hotel Aurelia.

Location: Via Piccinni 25, Città Studi, 20131 Milan, Italy
Accommodation: Hotel
Price range: €26 +

Hotel Biocity balcony in Milan
Biocity, Photo from:

Hotel Cavour

This 4-star hotel is located almost as close to the Milan cathedral as you can be, just a 15-minute walk from it. The hotel offers wellness and an amazing buffet breakfast. The price is a little bit higher than the previous two but it is worth it if you are visiting Milan for some me/couple time. Check out Hotel Cavour.

Location: Via Fatebenefratelli 21, Milan City Centre, 20121 Milan, Italy
Accommodation: Hotel
Price range: €169 +

Château Monfort - Relais & Châteaux

High-end 5-star hotel, that is located right in the city center of Milan. Chateau Monfort offers everything that your heart may or may not need but will get. From indoor pool facilities to top-tier breakfast, there is everything. Check out this high end Hotel Château Monfort – Relais & Châteaux.

Location: Corso Concordia 1, Milan City Centre, 20129 Milan, Italy
Accommodation: Hotel
Price range: €258 +

Wellness entrance at Hotel Cavour
Hotel Cavour, Photo from:
Entrance to Chateau Monfort in Milan
Chateau Monfort, Photo from:

Hotel Teco

Hotel Teco is a 3-star mid-range hotel that is located next to the Milan metro station. It has a reception that is open 24 hours a day and the Milan cathedral is located just 15 minutes away. Check out Hotel Teco.

Location: Via Spallanzani 27, Stazione Centrale, 20129 Milan, Italy
Accommodation: Hotel
Price range: €145 +

Girl eating food at restaurant in Milan

One of the most famous and best pizzas in Milan, Berbere has three locations scattered around the city, alongside with online ordering. Their dough and toppings are all organic and hand made. While you are waiting for your pizza there are snacks at your table from the appetizer menu which are delicious.

Looking for a quick brunch or breakfast? No worries, Panini Durini is the number one place for that. The food is amazing and they offer a number of different coffees, croissants, and sandwiches.

Location: Corso Magenta 31, Milan, Italy
Price range: €€

Chocolate flowing from pipe next to ice cream cones in Milan

By far the best gelato shop in Milan, CioccolatItaliani is a unique place in every way, with workers mixing gelato right before your eyes.

Location: Via S. Raffaele 6, Milan, Italy
Price range: €

Il Brutto Anatroccolo

The most traditional old school restaurant that you will ever see, Il Brutto Anatroccolo offers classical meals on a handwritten menu. Prices are ridiculously cheap and change every day.

Location: Via Torricelli 3, Milan, Italy
Price range: €

Eating pasta and drinking wine in Milan
Couple eating pasta, seafood and drinking wine and water

Starbucks Reserve Roastery

This isn’t your usual Starbucks, this is one out of 6 in the whole world, and the only one in Europe, with two being in Seattle, and one each in Shanghai, New York, Tokyo, and Chicago. Reserve Roastery is a Starbucks where you can see how the coffee is roasted and made, alongside with some of the most unique blends that you will ever try, such as Cold brew Nitro Vanilla and much more.

Location: Piazza Cordusio 3, Milan, Italy
Price range: €€

Couple drinking wine at Milan with caption What to do in Milan

Duomo di Milan

The most famous attraction in Milan, this extravagant Gothic cathedral construction started in 1386 with final touches being applied in the 1960s. You will see a huge amount of people looking at it and taking pictures near it since there is also a whole square in front of the Cathedral where people gather.

Girl standing in front of Duomo di Milan

The most spectacular view is from the top of the Duomo di Milan where you can see the whole city center of Milan. Keep in mind that there are a lot of tours that include the Duomo di Milan entrance in their fees, and it is way cheaper than buying tickets separately at the entrance of the Cathedral.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Have you ever wondered where all of the main fashion spots in Milan are? They are located here, in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. This is the oldest shopping mall in Italy and one of the main landmarks in Milan. In the middle of the shopping mall, you will see a huge dome that lights up in the night. The entrance is free, and there is a lot of people there at all times.

Sforzesco Castle

Sforzesco Castle is huge, it was built in the 15th century, and was one of the biggest citadels in Europe. It is amazing to see how big and beautiful this citadel is in person.

People at entrance to Galleria vittorio Emanuele
Girl sitting next to fountain at entrance to Sforzesco castle

It now houses several museums and art collections, the entrance to the main part of the citadel is free, but the entrances to the museums inside the citadel are not. But those aren’t even the best parts of the citadel, the best part is down below, where the huge Sempione park is directly connected to Sforzesco Castle.

Sempione park

The biggest park in Milan, it was established in 1888 and it is located right next to Arco Della Pace and connected to gardens of Sforzesco Castle. You will need a whole day to explore all of the park, so if you have a day to spare I would recommend it. The park is always full of people sitting on grass, artists and musicians painting and singing, the Sempione park is a great way of relaxing after a busy day. In the middle of the park is a lake where most of the people take pictures, and also there is Arena Civica, the public aquarium.

Arco Della Pace

If you have ever been to Paris, then Arco Della Pace will instantly remind you of Arc de Triomphe which is probably the most famous attraction in Paris.

Arco della Pace in Milan

Arco Della Pace is a city gate of Milan, it is referred to that because it is considered to be an entrance to Zone 1 or the city center of Milan. The monument is surrounded by restaurants and bars so you can take a bite or a quick drink while looking at this monument.

San Siro

San Siro, is the football mecca of Italy and home to AC Milan and Inter Milan football clubs. The stadium is enormous and is home to 90% of Milan’s concerts. You can visit the inside of the stadium for a fee.

Basilica di Sant Ambrogio

Fourth-century church of Milan patron saint, Basilica di Sant Ambrogio is a sight to see when in Milan. Decorations inside are breathtaking and singing nuns will give you a memory that will last for a lifetime.

Girl standing in front of skyscraper at Gae Aulenti square in Milan

Corso Como

Rich and famous district of Milan, where you will see the most magnificent modern buildings and amazing cars, from one of the world’s first eco-buildings to fountains in the middle of the shopping mall, Corso Como has everything.

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