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Ultimate 2 Day Itinerary to Belgrade

Belgrade is the capital city of Serbia, and one of the most interesting yet not fully explored cities in Europe and the Balkans.

Belgrade, in general, is only mentioned as a nightclub city or a party city, but under the surface, there is so much more culture and history to explore, so let us dive into Exploring Belgarde in 48 hours – an Ultimate 2-day itinerary to Belgrade!

What to do on Day 1 in Belgrade:

Belgrade is easily accessible via planes or buses from almost any major European city, especially from Croatia and Bosnia which offer a lot of direct lines to Belgrade.

Explore Kalemegdan fortress and park

Kalemegdan fortress and park are the most famous attractions in Belgrade. Kalemegdan fortress and park is a huge complex of buildings and parks that have been standing there since 279 BC. Kalemegdan fortress has been of great importance to not only Serbian history and culture but to the history and culture of the whole Balkan region.

Statue looking at the river in belgrade

Also, the Kalemegdan fortress has an amazing view of the whole Splavovi and the nature that surrounds Belgrade, so it is surely worth a visit.

Walk along Knez Mihailova Street

Knez Mihavilova Street is the most well-known and crowded street in Belgrade. The Street stretches from Republic square all the way to Kalemegdan Fortress and park, alongside the street you will see a number of stores and places to eat or have a nice drink if you wish to relax and soak up the city.

People walking at Belgrade city center
Girl standing beneath a christmas decoration in Belgrade

Walk around Republic Square

At the beginning of Knez Mihailova Street, you will see a huge open space, that is Republic Square. Republic Square in Belgrade is a prime spot where people meet in Belgrade when going out or just grabbing a cup of coffee with friends and family, it is also the spot of Belgrade’s Christmas Market that takes place every year.

Girl posing at park in Belgrade

Grabbing lunch/dinner at Franš

Grabbing something to eat in Belgrade is the best part of the journey, the food is amazing, and the place that you visit in most situations is going to be great. I highly recommend Franš which offers authentic Serbian food and is a nice place to have dinner with your better half and enjoy the city. If you wish to have dinner or lunch in the city center I would recommend Manufaktura which is located right next to the entrance to Kalemegdan Fortress.

Eggs with salad and coffee

Party at Splavovi

Partying in Belgrade is why 80-90% of the people come to Belgrade in the first place, and when visiting Splavovi you will easily learn why. Splavovi has several boats alongside the river Sava that have either live music or DJ-s playing inside with all sorts of music that you can imagine, from Balkan music to rock and house, you will easily find what you like there.

What to do on Day 2 in Belgrade:

Day 2 in Belgrade is going to be a little bit harder on those who visited Splavovi the night before, mostly because if you drink you will probably be a little bit hangover. But for those that are not grabbing an amazing breakfast and a cup of amazing coffee should be first on your bucket list.

Grab a coffee or breakfast at Kafeterija MAGAZIN 1907

Kafeterija Magazin 1907 is by far the best coffee spot that I have visited, and remember I have been to Reserved Roastery in Milan, which is a prime time spot for any coffee lover.

Girl drinking coffee at Kafeterija magazin 1907 in Belgrade
Ice tea drinking at Kafeterija magazin 1907 in belgrade

Kateterija Magazin 1907 not only offers several different coffees from all over the world, but they also offer handmade iced tea (must try) and they have some of the best breakfasts that I have tried. In general Kafeterija Magazin 1907 has everything that you need for an amazing breakfast.

Go to Church of St Sava

After a nice breakfast in Kateferija Magazin 1907, my suggestion is that you visit one of the biggest churches in Belgrade, the Church of St Sava. Church of St Sava is a Serbian Orthodox church that was opened in 1935 and is today of the main attractions in Belgrade.

Grab the best donuts in Slatkoteka

Donuts at Slatkoteka are a must. A small donut shop located near the city center Slatkoteka offers a variety of donuts in different shapes and sizes for everybody to like.

Donuts in Belgrade

I know we had breakfast a couple of hours before, but the Church of St Sava is not located in the city center, so either you have rented a car, or you walked there or you just took a tram or bus, either way, you will probably want to have something sweet, so Slatkoteka should be your choice.

Explore restaurants at Skadarlija

Skadarlija is the most famous and well-known district in Belgrade, a bohemian district that features some of the most popular restaurants and bars in Belgrade. You do not have to eat here if you are not hungry, but still, this is worth exploring and just walking around because the district and streets are beautiful.

Fruit and bread on a black plate

Belgrade is one of many cities in the Balkans that I would highly recommend that you visit, 48 hours are more than enough to explore all the main and some side attractions, to have an amazing meal or two, and to party at Splavovi. Check out all restaurants in Belgrade Food guide – Where to eat in Belgrade?

I have been to Belgrade several times and every time there is something new that pop-ups, but the city is extremely fun and beautiful and it has to be on your bucket list when traveling around the Balkans.

Hello! I’m Sara, a Croatian native. I’ve traveled all over the world and have knocked out some amazing cities and countries off my bucket list.




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