Vienna Travel Guide

There aren’t many cities in the world like Vienna, a city with such a rich culture and history that has gone through everything, it truly is one of its kind. When people are looking for places to visit Vienna surely should be one of the cities on top of your bucket list. Learn what to visit in Vienna in this Vienna Travel Guide.

Vienna travel guide

Vienna is a wonderful baroque city, which is known for Maria Theresa’s reign as well as Emperor Franz Joseph I and his beloved wife, Empress Elisabeth of Austria (aka Sissi). Because of its rich history, culture, and business opportunities, Vienna is considered to be one of the more expensive cities in Europe.

Night view of Vienna state opera

What to expect in Vienna

Language in Vienna

Mostly German. You will mostly hear the German language but since it’s such a huge business city you will easily navigate through it with English.

Currency in Vienna

As in most European countries and Austria in whole also, in Vienna the official currency is Euro.

View of Austrian parliament building in Vienna
People walking at winter at Naschmarket in Vienna

Credit cards and ATMs

You can easily pay with credit cards almost anywhere, even on some food stands, but be sure to carry some cash just in case.

Climate in Vienna

Vienna has something any season, so any time you visit it is ideal and very fun.

  • Spring: You will see amazing flowers and parks in Vienna gardens.
  • Summer: The temperature is perfect there in summer since it isn’t either too cold or neither too hot, you can expect around 20 Celsius.
  • Autumn: If you like to see the brown color and falling of the leaves all over the city then this is the time that you need to visit Vienna.
  • Winter: People usually avoid Vienna in winter, not because it is cold or boring, but because Austria is one of the most popular skiing destinations in the whole of Europe if not the World.

Getting around Vienna

Traveling around Vienna is pretty simple. Since the city has a rich history it has developed a great infrastructure of trains, cars, buses, etc. so you can easily go from one side of the city to another in a matter of minutes.

It also all depends where you are staying, if you are staying in the city center or near it, you can easily go to all the attractions by foot or tram. But if you wish to go a little bit outside the city to visit a little countryside I recommend that you rent a car (keep in mind that Vienna isn’t cheap so the car will probably be a little bit expensive).

If you are located outside the city center be sure to order your unlimited traveling card. I had an unlimited traveling card for 3 days which cost me 29 Euros.

Chair and coffee table in Vienna

Ibis Style Wien city

Ibis Style is one of the well-known hotel accommodations in Europe, they have hotels in almost every major Europan city and their prices in Vienna are affordable in comparison to others. Check out the amazing Ibis Style Wien city.

Location: Döblinger Hauptstraße 2, 1190 Wien, Austria
Accommodation: Hotel
Price range: €78 +

Parkview Residences

This apartment feature a state of the art furniture and comfortable beds to sleep on after the whole day of walking. Also most importantly it is located near the city center which is an amazing benefit. Check out Parkview Residences.

Location: Am Heumarkt 3, 1030 Wien, Austria
Accommodation: Apartment
Price range: €75 +

Room at Parkview residences in Vienna
Parkview Residences, photo from:

SO/ Vienna

Vienna is known for being one of those romantic destinations, and if you are a romantic person then this hotel is right up your alley. From here you can see the whole of Vienna at one glance and have an amazing time. The price is a little bit higher but that is expected. Check out SO/ Vienna.

Location: Praterstraße 1, 1020 Wien, Austria
Accommodation: Hotel
Price range: €210 +

Austria Trend Hotel Astoria Wien

Set in a charming building from 1912, Austria Trend Hotel Astoria Wien is located in the center of Vienna, right on the famous Kärtnerstraße shopping street. Check out Austria Trend Hotel Astoria Wien.

Location: Kärntner Straße 32-34 Eingang, Führichgasse 1, 1010 Wien, Austria
Accommodation: Hotel
Price range: €158 +

Eating cake at Sacher Hotel in Vienna

If you wish to have a quick bite and continue exploring, then you have to try Snadiwsech at Buffet Trzesniewski. You can find an amazing variety of sandwiches and toppings.

Location: Dorotheergasse 1, 1010 Wien, Austria
Price range: €

When you ask people where the best and most authentic Viennese schnitzel is, this is the place that they all recommend. The portion is large (as expected), but do not forget to squeeze lemon on your Viennese schnitzel before you start eating.

Coffee with chocolate cake in Vienna

Endless burger options that range from beef and steak to chicken, pork, and veggie. Rinderwahn is guaranteed to have a burger for everyone!

Location: Weihburggasse 3, 1010 Wien, Austria
Price range: €€

Manner Wafers

Just to mention that this is not a restaurant or a bar or anything. This is a little dessert that you have to try if you ever visit Vienna, Manner has been making their bite-size Neapolitan wafer biscuits since 1898. They are crunchy wafers layered with a creamy chocolate and hazelnut spread and of course you can’t just eat one and be satisfied.

Location: Stephansplatz 7, 1010 Wien, Austria
Price range: €

People walking at main street in Vienna

The Hofburg

One of the biggest and most beautiful buildings in Europe, this has been the official seat of all Austrian rulers since 1275, and now the Austrian president’s official seat is there. This amazing complex covers 59 acres with 18 groups of buildings, including 19 courtyards and 2,600 rooms. Some of its main buildings are the Sisi Museum, Imperial Chapel, and Silver Collection. It is also home to one of the world’s most famous riding schools, the Spanish riding school.

Entrance to Belvedere palace in Vienna

St. Stephen's Cathedral

Located in the city center, you can not miss this building. Vienna’s most important Gothic edifice and the cathedral church of the archbishopric since 1722, St. Stephen’s Cathedral (Stephansdom). You can go inside the church, but I recommend going in the early hours since there are not so many tourists around.

The Vienna State Opera House

One of the world’s largest and most famous opera houses hosts the world’s most prominent composers, conductors, soloists, and dancers. If you are there and have a chance to go to a concert don’t hesitate.

Horses in front of Vienna state opera in Vienna
People walking at park at back of Belvedere palace in Vienna

Vienna City Hall

Built during 1872 and 1883 this neo-Gothic structure today stands as one of the most crucial landmarks of Vienna. It is especially beautiful in the winter when in front of it you can see an ice skating rink alongside all the food stands that offer Austrian cuisine.

Natural History Museum and Kunsthistorisches Museum

Separated only by a beautiful park that you can sit in and marvel at these two buildings, they are places of a giant amount of Europan history and culture. In the Kunsthistorisches Museum, you can find the world’s largest Bruegel collection, and in the Natural History Museum, you can find skeletons of dinosaurs, the Venus of Willendorf which is about 29,500 years old, and the stunning Tissint meteorite from Mars.

People walking at night at Stephansplatz in Vienna

Kärtner Strasse

Also known as a shopping street in Vienna, here you can find everything from Moncler to Zara, and there is everything for anybody. Just keep in mind that most shops are only open until 18.00.

The Albertina

All the great names in modern art are represented, often by multiple works, in the magnificent Albertina museum. This must-visit Vienna attraction is home to over a million works of art plus above 65,000 drawings. I would recommend booking a tour because the lines are far and wide.

Giant ferris wheel in Vienna
Day view of church in center of Vienna

Hop on hop off tours

There are a number of hop on hop off tours in Vienna. Since the city is so big with so many attractions this is the perfect way to visit all the attractions in an easy way.

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