Must Know Tips and Tricks for your Trip to Morocco

Tips for your first Trip to Morocco

Morocco is a very interesting country if you are wishing to visit it, and because it is in Africa, and very strict with some rules be sure to check below for Tips and Tricks for your First trip to Morocco.


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Do not believe all the stories

Before I traveled to Morocco I have heard a lot of stories and read a lot about how it is not safe, and that people are terrible there with tourists, etc. and etc. I can confirm that 95% of the stories are false.

Morocco is a tourist country and they live from tourism so they are aggressive when it comes to selling and they will try to sell you everything and anything that is near you, but that makes it great also, because you will experience something that you have not experienced before, and I think that is the whole point of traveling and experiencing the full culture of the destination.
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Girl standing in the middle of Medina of Marrakech

For all women single travelers - Be careful what you wear and it is recommended not to travel alone

Morroco is still a very conservative country even if it has many tourists and cultural differences there. Especially if you are a female do not be surprised if you get a lot of stares from men that are there, in some cases they are really primitive and rude, but that is they culture and you will get used to it in a few hours. My main tip is to pack long dresses and light pants so you can easily walk through the city without any problem.

Do not be afraid of bargaining

Similar to Asia, it is very common to bargain in Morocco and it is normal to bargain for literally anything and everything that you are buying, especially souvenirs, dresses, and especially taxis, but I will cover that later.

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Taxis, traffic, and transportation

I do not recommend that you rent a car or any type of vehicle in Morocco, and especially in Marrakech, because the traffic and driving there is like Wild West, people are not looking where they are going and most of my driving I was looking down to my legs because I could not look on how my taxi driver is driving.

My recommendation is to take the hotel transportation to and from the hotel. I always recommend that you, if you are offered, take the hotel transportation from the airport to the hotel the first time, mainly because it is really hard to communicate with taxi drivers the first time when you land there.

Also, be sure to have google maps always open and look where your driver is taking you since there were a couple of situations where the driver has left me pretty far away from my destination just because he wants to find another tourist to lift. Another tip is to remember what was the original price that you agreed on since they will try to raise the price once the drive is done.
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Do not ask for directions

I do not recommend people to ask for directions, mainly because if they help you they will ask you to pay them, and if you do not want to pay they will pull you on your shirt and you won’t have a good time. 

Do not be surprised if kids start following you, since they are sometimes just a recon for the older people so they can scam you, therefore be sure to stay where most tourists are.

Be sure to stay in a Riad

If you want to feel the real Morrocan and especially Marrakech culture and spirit, be sure to stay in a Riad, which are traditional Moroccan houses with an interior courtyard, you could associate them with bed & breakfasts. It’s a lot more charming than a hotel, plus the staff can help you a lot.

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Swimming in riad at Marrakech

Bring antibiotics and be sure to get injections if needed

First of all be careful what you eat and where, and I do not recommend eating from the food stands as I did in Asia since Africa is a different beast. 

Therefore be sure to bring probiotics if you are not used to Moroccan or African food and be sure to bring something that you can drink for fever or something similar.

Buy a SIM card

Do not rely on restaurant and hotel WIFI if you can grab a SIM card for 4 Euros that can give you 10 GB of internet in any part of Morocco. Be sure to get Maroc Telecom since that is the wider and most spread telecom in Morocco.

Girl looking at spices of Marrakech

Carry a pen

Always have a pen near you, first, you will have to fill Immigration forms similar to ones in Asia, then in most Riads you will have to fill another paper for their hotel that they have to file.

Enjoy your trip

My last tip is just to enjoy your trip and embrace the different cultures and different people that you will meet in Morroco. 

I can say that it is truly one of a kind country in several ways, from amazing food to amazing staff that is being nice to you in any situation, to the crazy salesman on the streets.

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Tips for your first Trip to Morocco

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