Best Honeymoon Destination to Visit Right Now!

Honeymoon destination guide

Honeymoon is the most memorable trip you’ll ever take, a beautiful time to connect, explore, and relax with your partner after the wedding. The world is full of romantic travel destinations for you to visit and explore, but which one is right for you both?

Whether you are looking for adventurous activities, a culture break, or desert island beaches, we’ve got you covered with this complete list of the best honeymoon destinations that you can visit right now!

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Bali, Indonesia

This paradise island in Indonesia is amazing, it features everything from temples, sandy beaches to volcanos and hiking spots. Because of this, Bali is one of the best honeymoon destinations that you can visit for both romance and adventure.

Girl walking down the stairs at Tegallalang rice terrace Bali
Girl swinging with forest in the background

There are three main spots to visit in Bali. Seminyak which is a more modern, fashion like part of the island, Ubud where there are forests, monkeys and everything that you love about Bali, and then there is Nusa Penida, a small island next to Bali, that has one of the most beautiful landscapes that you will ever see.

Best Honeymoon Hotels in Bali:


From Barcelona, Madrid, and Seville to Canary islands and hidden gems, Spain can be a perfect honeymoon destination that you wish to visit. It has something for everybody, from vineyards and adventure hiking to relaxing and partying on the beaches of the Canary Islands.

Air view of street in Madrid, Spain

There are many cities and places to visit in Spain, that is why you can visit the best places to visit in Spain to create your perfect honeymoon itinerary!


One of Europe’s most popular Travel destinations is also one of the best honeymoon destinations to visit right now! Culture, food, and amazing attractions are what makes Italy an amazing place to visit.

Amalfi coast with buildings and boats in background

From the blue waters of the Mediterranean sea to vineyard countryside and cities such as Venice, Florence, Milan, and Rome, Italy has something for everybody. Since there is so much to choose from, check out places to visit in Italy to create your perfect Italian itinerary!

Best Honeymoon Hotels in Italy:


When you are thinking about a honeymoon, Maldives are probably one of the first spots that you think of. This island is truly magical, from palm trees to hammock swings it is a perfect honeymoon destination.

Houses on water in Maldives

This is a perfect travel destination if you wish to have a relaxing and purely romantic honeymoon, Maldives features overwater bungalows, private beaches, 5-star retreats, and gourmet dining.


Sparkling Indian ocean, green cliff faces, palm trees, and white sand that melts into the waves, yes this is why Mauritius is one of the best honeymoon destinations to visit. What makes this island majestic is that every day can be totally different and you will experience something different.

Aerial view of Mauritius

Best of all, Mauritius has a hidden side that’s waiting to be discovered, and it is more than beaches and ‘tropical’ vibes. Panoramic viewpoints and epic waterfalls are dotted across the island, waiting to be discovered. Once you’re at the top, witness rainbow-colored earth, giant water lilies, and giant tortoise.

Bora Bora

Island of Bora Bora overflows with beauty, with a volcano rising up at its center and fans out into the jungle before connecting into an aquamarine lagoon. Bora Bora is one of the most beautiful and romantic getaway places that you can visit, filled with luxurious resorts, sunny skies, warm waters, sandy beaches, and friendly locals.

Houses on water in Bora Bora

Because of its remote nature, it is a perfect spot for snorkeling, hiking up Mount Otemanu, and much more, but the only trick about Bora Bora is that it is expensive to visit.


France features one of the most romantic and best honeymoon cities in the world, Paris! But there is much more to France than Paris, from Cannes, Bordeaux to the snowy mountains of Chamonix, in France you will find something that both of you enjoy.

Chamonix Red Tram in France

Not only that France is known to have some of the best wines and champagnes in the world, with its wine and champagne tours being a perfect honeymoon activity. But if you wish to explore France more check out the Best cities to visit in France!


Looking to visit your first African country on your honeymoon? Morocco is easily the honeymoon place to visit, from the atmosphere, noise, flavor, and color it is a perfect travel destination. Endless oranges, yellows, and colorful spices, textiles, and candied fruits. Smell the hot, dusty streets and flavors of tagine.

Girl posing at Bahia palace in Marrakech
Girl in front of koutoubia mosque marrakech

Outside of the cities, journey to the Atlas mountains, situated close by to the heat and vastness of the Sahara desert. Discover blue village Chefchaouen, popular Marrakech, or just discover other gems that Morocco offers.


Greece is famous for its breathtaking beauty of its islands, filled with olive trees, farmhouses, and sandy beaches that feel like the world’s best-kept secret. Besides the amazing landscape, Greek food is one of the best in the world.

Ocean view from balcony in Greece

Or if you are a little bit bored of European island living, visit the historic capital city of Greece, Athens, filled with amazing attractions and places to visit, Greece can be a perfect honeymoon travel destination.


With 7641 islands, there’s no doubt you will find something that fits your needs to have a perfect honeymoon! That being said, Palawan, one of the Philippines’ most popular islands, has been named the island of the year in 2020.

Boats at harbor in Philippines

Philippines is a more of an adventure honeymoon, filled with wildlife such as Monkeys, whale sharks, and tropical birds, that live within its spectacular palm-fringed beaches, colorful reefs, and jungles.

Because of this, it’s perfect for wildlife lovers, snorkeling, deep-sea diving, and lots of remote beaches!

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